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Every drop of rain that falls upon you is your sin. Every drop of rain that passes your eyes is the thought of sin. Every cleansing comes with a storm. Stay your path. Let nothing keep you from belief that you're a beautiful person. Where you feel you have been not. Be not vein. Be humble. See others with a smile on your face and more smiles will be cast in your direction. In our time, it's our irony, when we figure out we are eternal. That's when we wish we can endure as long as possible. See the finish line before the storm. Keep your body free of harm. None remember your sins falling before our eyes. In every pool is the sorrows cast into our world where sin has been committed. In every splash it's the helpless innocent victimization that we must forbid ourselves from exposing evils acceptance. In every step be unafraid of the water around us when we've been told to become the water. In our manifestation let us restore the royal lost and Dauphin successors to their rightful place. If only in our hearts, than so too shall we find in our paradise the Kingdom complete with King's and Queen's to shower us all in their time. The most precious gift is not time. It's eternity. However, time can bring moments that are equally as sacred. Be lead by goodness and believe your dreams are possible when manifested. God is the creator. God created us in his image. Therefore, we have the power to manifest all that is before our daily journey. Where the challenge arrives is in alternate manifestation. Ballance thy goodness with awareness that some evil is for avoidance. Please never let go of the truth in Royalty. For those who come to understand the truth in our Holy Roman Empire. I too know that our crowns are held by the protectors of our worlds finest free from this storm over me today. Let us see it fit that peace shall keep the King's no more for their birthright. And, peace will come to restore the virtue that sets a golden age upon our children. Let our manifestation call for the forward progress and pray for the world when you cannot greet them with smiles.

Lovingly your one and only,

House of Bourbon's King


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