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RE: Holistic Sustainability Reporting for Consumer Products and Meals

in #sustainability2 years ago

This is a very great project you are undertaking. It is also ambitious and so I applaud your effort to help to inspire accountability and a better world. Great work so far!

I do have advice as a designer... I hope that you find this constructive but I think there is a lot to take in and if you can distill your message into smaller, easier to read bite sized chunks, it would be easier to digest- at least your initial messages. I would also recommend making your website background white with black text. It would be much easier to read and more inviting.


Thank you again!

Alas, our team has no dedicated designer so much of this fell on me :P I wanted a forced night mode for the energy savings on monitors. It's hard to digest these complex issues but you seem good at it! I'll do another sweep though because things can always be pared down more.

I'll get a day mode working one day and that way people can choose :D

Constructive feedback is great - always improving, always all ears.

Night mode for energy saving is brilliant. I hadn't thought of that and it is so conscious... but from a usability perspective it is harder to read, especially for older people, and from design perspective it feels heavier. It is a tradeoff!

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