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RE: Built the First EcoBrick Machine in Cambodia!

The Red Road Foundation @theredroad has been chosen to receive another donation of 11 SBD from the A Dollar A Day project - supported today by @pennsif, @chefsteve, @goldendawne, @hanggggbeeee, @hopehuggs, @loveself, @makinstuff, @offoodandart, @pandamama & witnesses @c0ff33a, @drakos, @followbtcnews, @quochuy, @someguy123, @steemcommunity & @yabapmatt - and also @oracle-d & @cookwithus

Contact @pennsif if you would like to know more about A Dollar A Day.

The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.


Thank you so much, we appreciate your support <3

Great to see you about on Steem again.

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