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Hello dear friends of steemit, we have reached another episode of suspense weekend, this time I want to share with you an urban legend, surfing the web I cross with this legend that speaks of a young teenager, own age is In a stage of rebellion ignoring his parents, in the eagerness to contradict his parents his life becomes chaos.

In a city lived a young girl named Valeria, she shared her home with her parents, as you know the teenagers can be very impulsive, the parents treated her as if she were still a young girl and this is the worst thing that can happen to a teenager, So much bothered this situation to Valeria that stopped studying to attract the attention of his parents, the bad notes soon arrived.

This situation worried her parents, they could not believe that this happened, she had been an excellent student as a child, to this was added the gossip that came from her neighbors, said that she was a girl with the young people of the neighborhood.

Her parents tried by all means that Valeria understood and was right, but Valeria reminded her parents that she turned 17 and considered herself an adult woman, with enough knowledge to take control of her life.

Like everything to a teenager he attacked his parents with the mere fact of making them angry, he returned home at any time, his best friends had an unpleasant appearance and the head of his house had become a bridal cast, A different one, of course all this before the gossiping eyes of the neighbors.

Her parents were people considered and loved by their neighbors, they deserved nothing of what was happening, but the worst was yet to come, in an oversight of Valeria was exposed a tess of gestation, parents intuited their active sexual life, but They imagined that they would take care of some method of contraceptives.

This news ended up embittering the couple, they could not believe what the baby became, if they only did ill to love her, to pamper her and to love her, yet she became a hyena, bold and shameless, and few wanted, the Decent friends went away, good friends stopped visiting their home, a real tragedy for this couple who did not deserve this behavior of their daughter.

Valeria's parents decided to take control, this bad behavior could not continue, they would make a last attempt to control it, they decided to prohibit their departure until they finish their studies and return to the path of good, to continue with this situation they were Arranged to place her in a strict boarding school.

In a stressful meeting, the parents informed Valeria of her decision. On the other hand, the teenager had that day planned, she never respected the decisions of her parents, she would not start that day, she expected a great night of celebration.

To avoid further discussion, she pretended to be ill, said goodbye to her parents, and went to her bedroom, turned off the lights, and prepared the bed as if someone were sleeping under the covers and went out the window of her bedroom facing the street.

On the other side waited the lover on duty with an imposing motorbike, on arrival was greeted with a big hug and a bottle of vodka half finished, the neighbors watched with indignation with the young woman taunted with laughter from her parents, rose to the potent Motorcycle and sped off to the day's rendezvous.

Today was a very expected party, some of her friends had organized a big party in a fifth, the place would reign the loud volume of music, many alcoholic drinks, sex, drugs, swimming pools and much, much alcohol.

When she arrived at the party, she was at her best, women and men dancing all over the farm, the conservatives with ice and drinks all over the garden, music and alcohol reigned the party.

The urban competitions were on the prowl, white background competitions of alcoholic drinks, in the pool hundreds of couples half dressed, painted and reigned the uncontrol, just what Valeria and her boyfriend on the lookout.

Valeria and her boyfriend entered the party, as they were two very popular people were soon to approach the crowd, each invited his drink, the young boyfriend did not reject any, the mixture of drinks soon had an effect on the couple, uncontrolled could not avoid Take as many drinks as they could.

The drinks that had been bought were many, but by the uncontrolled way that they were taking there were no amounts that reach, in the few hours the drinks had been exhausted.

Valeria and her boyfriend offered to go in search of more, they took a half-bottle of vodka, they got on the powerful motorcycle and they sped off to a wine-cellar on the other side of the city.

In their march the vodka bottle was finished, when they arrived at the business, they swept with all the white drinks that could exist and they returned at full speed, lacking little to arrive at the fifth, in a very closed curve they appear a front car , For the speed had to make a sudden maneuver that lost control of the bike, the car did the same and crashed against a tree that was on the side of the road.

The pair of the car died crushed inside the car, Valeria's boyfriend fell off the bike, Valeria was dismissed from the bike about thirty meters and agonized crushed against the asphalt, needless to say that was a massacre and a Watering hole

The public forces and the paramedics arrive very fast, the only ones with vital signs were those of Valeria that agonized in the asphalt, when approaching the paramedic with the last breath Valeria pronounci a few words.

Please let my parents know, do not feel bad, I was the culprit of everything and I love you very much!

The paramedic accustomed to accidents, looked at the clock and pronounced the hour of death to record the assistant who witnessed everything.

The accident was brutal that the news reached the fifth where his friends were, they ran the three blocks to get to the place of the event.

As her friend approached, she could see how they covered her body, some of the friends were crying, and Valeria, the paramedic, was ready to lay her hand on her head, in an act of regretting what had happened.

Taking her breath back, her friend asked the doctor who had passed and I said something before she died.

The very professional paramedic responded that he died due to an impact on the asphalt, which said something, but he could not understand it.

When his friend retired, the assistant with a lot of respect asked the paramedic because he did not tell what his words were.

The paramedic very sorry answered, did not know how to handle the situation, the couple who died in the car, were his dad and his mom.

Obviously the parents warned by their neighbors they went looking for their daughter, calling to some friends and they knew the place of the party, not being at the party, they returned by the route towards the vinoteca in search of their beloved daughter.

Fuente: http://lacajanegradelmisterio.blogspot.com.ar/2013/09/el-fantasma-del-espejo-la-leyenda-de.html

Fuente: http://www.leyendas-urbanas.com/dile-a-mis-padres/

I'll wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another story of my land Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

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I was deeply moved to read the story my friend, thanks for giving a bit of a sad story, I'll wait for the next episode friend @jlufer


It makes me happy to know that you liked my work, I appreciate your heart, your kind words, thank you, my dear friend @fahmiauliasfr


You're welcome, @jlufer
So much...
Good luck.!!


Don't drink and drive, great story friend @jlufer!


Drink and speed were never good friends
Thank you very much dear friend @reddust for your coemntarios and support for my work
greetings to all the family.

Liked your work. Upvoted, resteemed


Thank you very much dear friend @ luciaanna for visiting, commenting and supporting my work


My pleasure

That was very sad, :(


It's a sad and tragic story
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Your more than welcome :)

If only teenagers understand their parents know better! Great story.


If it is a beautiful story, thank you very much dear friend @linzo for visiting, commenting and supporting my work