Can You Pull Your Weapon in 0.53 SECONDS...?

in survival •  2 years ago 

Whether you’re in a life-or-death survival or self-defense situation, you need to have your weapon of choice available quickly.

While operating with or without a CCW, you still run the risk of having your weapon exposed and not easily accessible.

There's also a good chance that if you're detained, searched or even mugged... anything that law enforcement or an attacker can see, they will probably take away from you... unless they don't know about your hidden backup knife.

Not only is this new 'Concealed' self-defense tool lightweight and wearable, it's free right now when you cover the shipping.

We actually timed how much time it took to get this new SSD-90 out and ready.

It took 0.53 seconds. Think you can beat that?

Even if you're not exactly what you would call a ‘Quick-Draw Mcgraw’... this this is awesome!

Watch this video and try it for yourself >>> Click HERE <<<

Remember, this is one is free today, just cover shipping and handling and my buddy Chris will send yours right out to you.

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wow ,,, so cool that's great ,, is it already on the market ,,, I want to have it

Yes. You can get it here for free >>

in 60 seconds I can draw and double tap in that time. I still use a back-up knife

60 seconds or 6 seconds?