We Brought Home American Guinea Hogs!

in survival •  last month

Hello Steemit! It sure has been a while, but we have been extremely busy after we left New York to settle into our new farmstead in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. I promise to do a video explaining it all in the very near future.

So we decided to add something new to the already growing mix of animals here on the farmstead. We got American Guinea Hogs! With one male, and two females, we should be able to produce more than enough piglets to help work the farm by tilling fields and clearing the acres of woods behind us. American Guinea Hogs are a heritage breed and are known to be great foragers. They will eat mostly pasture grasses, and other wild shrubs and nuts they find on the forest floor, but we will supplement their diet with growing feed since it's the heart of winter and they need a little extra fat to keep warm. It should be exciting to watch them grow and make their own little piglets.

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