A SurveyVoices Review - Are They Another Scam?

This post came from the Survey Voices Review over at TheMinisterofCapitalism.com which included novel features that aren't available here such as: being able to have a Robot read the article to you & a wild story illustrating the process that Survey Voices uses.

Survey Voices one of the best known survey aggregators in the market. They work with third party websites to provide high-quality surveys for their members, and it's completely free! You can earn between $20-$30 per week by spending 1-2 hours doing surveys every day - that may not sound like much but considering some people use this site as their sole income source...you're gonna have a CRAZY life ahead of you if that was all YOU did!

With surveys, the average person can earn about $80 monthly. Top earners even get as high as $300.
There are many different types of survey options available on this platform which work with over 10 third party sites so it will be easy for users like yourself who need an additional source income or just looking into supplementing their regular paychecks.
The site offers more than 4 additional ways to earn money - you can get special offers such as insurance gigs, free samples and clinical trials. 
The 2 types of cash-outs available on this app are withdrawing your earnings via gift card or PayPal that comes with some 3rd party also offer different cash out options.


It's a little confusing to figure out how much you can get from Survey Voices. You might be able to withdraw after finishing your survey, but some sites only allow certain amounts each month even if they're related and offer more than 10 different kinds of surveys! 
The popups are also annoying at times - it could block whatever webpage or advertisement was being viewed... so  you might not be able to view all the offers. Even if you qualify for them!
Many users find it confusing that they don't get paid directly from Survey Voices - they get paid from the site Survey Voices links to.

While full quotas and disqualifications do exist, many users are happy with the platform. They seem to have plenty of surveys available for them on Survey Voices so far in their experience using this app!
How To Use Survey Voices

You can access Survey Voices via their website and use it to take surveys for companies who need consumer input. The company acts as a survey aggregator, giving them the chance of getting feedback from different sources on marketing services or products in order make effective decisions about what they offer customers.

By answering surveys, users of Survey Voices are rewarded with points that they can redeem for prizes. They also have access to multiple earning opportunities so the more surveys completed equals an even better reward! The answers from complete survey data will help companies tailor their products and services towards specific demographics which saves time and money in designing these items specifically for people like you who take part already.
The Sign Up Process

A new user must be a US citizen over the age of 18, and it’s free to sign up. They need your email address as well so they can contact you if there are any surveys that are a good fit for you.

A person needs only answer 5 quick questions about themselves such as home ownership status; employment details (and so on) to identify their demographic info which will help them find relevant offers.

Many people are concerned about their privacy when it comes to signing up for a new online platform or service. Survey Voices asks you for your date of birth, home address and phone number during sign-up.

And there have been complaints by some users about how their data has been used. Or sold to other companies.

They complain that they start getting many calls from people trying to sell them unrelated offers.

*So Is it Worth It?

Over all, I personally don't think it's worth it.

If you want to fill out surveys to make a few extra dollars, I'd recommend going directly to a company like Swagbucks rather than using an aggregator like Survey Voices.

At least this way, your personal information won't be shared with other companies.

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