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I spent many years of my life at school. First there was high school. After that I went to a vocational school for three years and after that I studied four and a half years. Many years of sitting down and listening to so much stuff teachers and professors were telling me. My hands were doing something completely different at the same time. And that´s what I want to show you today.

Ich habe viele Jahre meines Lebens in der Schule verbracht. Zuerst war das Gymnasium. Danach ging ich für drei Jahre auf eine Berufsschule und danach studierte ich viereinhalb Jahre. Viele Jahre, in denen ich da saß und mir so viele Dinge angehört habe, die mir Lehrer und Professoren erzählten. Zur gleichen Zeit machten meine Hände etwas völlig anderes. Und das möchte ich heute zeigen.








Since we´re just cleaning out our appartment, many of my doodles resurfaced. In this post I just want to show you the ones I was drawing on the countless spiral bounded notepads and folders I have carried with me. I used nothing special, fineliner, ball pen, ink and markers. All of them must have been created between 2003 and 2011 - wow. I hope you enjoy my little journey in the past. Maybe you can find an overall pattern. And maybe you can also find the reason why I love creating my little sculptures.

Da wir gerade unsere Wohnung ausmisten, tauchen viele meiner Kritzeleien wieder auf. In diesem Post möchte ich nur die zeigen, die ich auf den unzähligen spiralförmig gebundenen Notizbüchern und Ordnern gezeichnet habe, die ich mit mir herumgeschleppt habe. Ich habe nichts besonderes verwendet, Fineliner, Kugelschreiber, Tinte und Marker. Sie alle müssen zwischen 2003 und 2011 entstanden sein - wow. Ich hoffe ihr genießt meine kleine Reise in die Vergangenheit. Vielleicht könnt ihr auch ein Muster sehen. Und vielleicht auch den Grund finden, warum ich meine kleinen Skulpturen so liebe...

Maybe someone can remember this one? | Vielleicht erinnert sich jemand an ihn?



And now...show me your art against boredom!
Und jetzt... zeigt mir eure Kunstwerke gegen die Langeweile!


Thanks for reading! | Danke für´s Lesen!

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Wow amazing works you can really feel the pain and fear in those pieces.

upvoted and resteemed!

This blockchain must love you! You were chosen again for Artist of the Day!!


I'm truly honored...love you too, dear blockchain ♥

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your creativity is so unique and beautiful <3 i love the strangescapes and creatures and themes you are exploring <3 never change, @patschwork !!


I'm really honored by your words so kind... ♥ thank you so much, @veryspider

Mentioned this piece on @artzone today for "Twirble Tuesdays". Love seeing your work again; to think all these priceless treasures you etched out in class?

Lots of emotions distorted into a fantastic moving graphical work :)
I love these pieces :)


Thank you ♥

I love your sketches!💙
I see some of these became full pieces later on, that's very cool @patschwork 🎨 😊


Thanks dear @melooo182. Yes, there´re some seeds within, growing over time and finally come out ;)

Oh I know that! I used to do so many weird drawings too and fold origami birds :D I wonder if I could find any of my old school drawings, would be fun to see!


Yeah, I´m curious about yours :)

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