Heilemania/PAtScHWOrK - A special photocooperation | Eine besondere Photo-Kooperation [EN/DE]

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Thanks to this post by @sanderjansenart and the comment by @soyrosa I´ve got reminded of a project I did with a friend in 2005.

Let me introduce this certain friend first: Stefan Heilemann aka Heile aka Heilemania is an awesome photoartist I already mentioned here before. He´s working for many well known musicians like Pain, Lindemann, Epica and many more. I virtually met him long ago on the german photographers platform fotocommunity.de, which was very popular back then. We decided soon to make some kind of remote project together.

Dank diesem Post von @sanderjansenart und @soyrosa´s Kommentar habe ich mich an ein Projekt erinnert, das ich 2005 mit einem Freund zusammen gemacht habe.

Lasst mich diesen Freund erst einmal vorstellen: Stefan Heilemann aka Heile aka Heilemania ist ein großartiger Photokünstler, den ich hier schon erwähnt hatte. Er arbeitet für viele bekannte Musiker und bands wie Pain, Lindemann, Epica und viele mehr. Ich habe ihn vor langer Zeit virtuell auf der www.fotocommunity.de kennengelernt, die damals sehr populär war. Wir entschieden sehr bald, ein gemeinsames Fern-Projekt zu starten.


He came up with the idea to realize a picture together that follows a certain geometrical pattern. Each one of us should create one part of the picture - left or right - and noone knew what the other one was creating. When we were ready, we put both sides together to see the final result. We had so much fun creating one part and we especially enjoyed the moment when both parts became one.

I hope you enjoy the results! Guess which sides were mine ;)

Er hatte die Idee ein gemeinsames Bild zu erschaffen, das bestimmten geometrischen Formen folgen sollte. Jeder von uns sollte eine Seite des Bildes gestalten, und keiner wusste, was der andere machte. Als wir fertig waren, haben wir beide Seiten zusammengesetzt. Wir hatten unheimlich viel Spaß dabei eine Seite zu gestalten. Besonders spannend war der Moment, in dem beide Bilder zu einem wurden.

Ich hoffe ihr habt Freude an den Ergebnissen! Ratet mal, welche Seiten meine waren ;)




Btw this wasn´t the last project including Heile and me, after that a friendship developed, I was modelling for him few times and he photographed our wedding. Since we both have families now the projects stopped, but we meet about twice a year and hang out together, having some beer :)

Das war übrigens nicht das letzte Projekt von Heile und mir, wir wurden Freunde, ich habe einige Male für ihn gemodelt und er photographierte meine Hochzeit. Da wir nun beide Familie haben, sind die Projekte weniger geworden, aber wir treffen uns vielleicht zwei mal im Jahr und trinken ein paar Bierchen zusammen :)


...And if there´s someone who would enjoy to pick up the idea, we can maybe start something new on steemit?

Und falls es jemanden gibt, der diese Idee gerne aufgreifen würde, können wir vielleicht etwas neues auf Steemit starten?

Have a great sunday! | Habt einen schönen Sonntag!

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Wow really awesome results! And great you made a post about it I was really curious how you would collab that way. Thanks for sharing!

Cool to see new ones in the future :)


Thanks for reminding me :)

Wow! That's a COOL way to work together on a project! Love the concept very much, and really makes it possible to combine different styles, genres, topics, since the pattern is what already connects the images in the end anyway.

Thanks so much for sharing this creative concept <3


Yes, the idea was great and the final step so exciting! Maybe it also works with mixed media...
Thank you for your comment and support!

In love with this work; Featured on @artzone today on @twirble 's weekly thread


Thank you so much!

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Great results, but beyond this : great way to collaborate.
After a first reading a bit to quick I was wondering how you could reach so similar compositions :D
Building around these simple geometrical symetrical patterns is very good :)


Thank you @berien :) yes, it was the use of the pattern. Unfortunately no telepathy involved..


How sad ! This has broken my illusions -_-
Anyways, if you have difficulties to find any other folks willing to share this experience, my graphite pen and some paint could be put at work on half a support ;)


You´re tempting me! I´d love doing that. Maybe I´d even draw :P But actually I first have to prepare an exhibition and moving into a house. Besides work and family, you know. But I guess if we have a cool pattern, I´d start right away :D


No problem, and no hurry ! :)
Main priorities first ;)

very cool !!! photo-cooperation !!! wow, i love both of your styles, coming together and creating a wonderful union of one artwork * ___ *

is yours the one of the left for the first and second piece and on the right for the third piece???? :O


Thank you so much @veryspider!!!
First - left, second - right, third - left ;)

Wow these images are absolutely stunning and disturbing all at the same time. Great work!


Thank you @arosebunch!





Thanks a lot!

Wow really awesome results!


terima @alhidayat :)

Great Stuff! Lovit!


Thank you :)

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Your support is very appreciated :) thanks again!

oh nice :) i love surreal style