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veco because the expression of emotions the expression of the soul is inextricably linked to our external appearance and thus the photos are of course used in the work of a specialist and of course an experienced specialist through a photograph can the amount of information It is in the outward appearance of a man that the rudiments of his future monument lie predisposed to certain dependencies to that or other type of behavior and accordingly, for example, toasts on computer programs that processed a photo can give information even about the approximate duration of life man these facts have long been famous people still did not know scientifically the rationale call I already understood that the connection between the portrait and the person certainly exists for example in Islam and Judaism there was always a ban on the image of the person there Moses in the Old Testament orders to give up all living things especially from the image of the person but at the same time People have always sought to depict each other always somehow reflecting the outer features of a person's most famous portrait in the history of mankind xaxalov