Hello dear friends today we will talk with you

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ello dear friends today we will talk with you about resentments and about the ability to forgive in recent times increasingly sound the words about the discourage discord shameful feelings and offended only people spiritually and resentment is in every way attributed to feelings of negative negative destructive and letting go of resentment Let runs these words often quoted as a quotation of a famous actor between the actor was Rome can be a touchy person as in general all sensitive creative people offense is a normal and natural reaction of the person and on the injustice of the more offense, this property of the developed brain appears in the child after a half and two years of life and the offense involves several components several stages several parts of the response in the first place. This expectation of a certain behavior is the second comparison of a person with what it should be like justice then it's an emotional reaction to wrong behavior and then it's already happening either Awareness of the situation with working with it or emotional reactions Well, other really destructive destinies the handicrafts of resentment so offense to the essence This is completely normal and naturally not in vain Since ancient times, they were so afraid of offending a person and it's no wonder that from childhood we offended other people. We should not offend the boy. You insulted the little girl, and little Chaykovskiy asked for forgiveness from the kitten. He thought that he offended the kitten and the kitten is offended by Tahit

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