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This made my day !


Haha, jævla bra sang. Men så sant så sant. Fuck JP Morgan!

Heheh I made a meme about this other day for dmania :D


Haha! What a song. Awesome! Fuck those guys... they don't know what what's befallen them...


Really. Fuck You JP Morgan!
Just wanted express my frustration after i work for you for a year.
Fuck you JP Morgan 😂
You're CEO is Stupid as hell.


Fuck you JP Morgan , DIE SLOWLY


i also


Fuck you JP Morgan! Fuck you banksters!


Dont fuck

Hahah my new favorite Xmas song ! Maybe we can bribe someone with a bitcoin to play this song during their Xmas party - that would be awesome. Maybe here daughter will agree to do it for free


Do come by and Upvote this post @originalworks.
Has to be the most viral post at the moment.
It's too fucking funny😂

Hahahahahah This was the best song EVER!!!! Great job dude!!! Fuck You JP Morgan!!

From the very beginning I was like: 😳😂😂😂😂Hahahhaa coolest song ever and right on point now!!!I hope this song of yours will go viral in the internet that would be sooo amazing hehe

Haha! That was great! "Merry christmas jp morgan, jamie dimon, chase this MoThEr pHuCkErS ..................." I was chucklin' out loud my friend. Excellent! Yep, dimon's daughter is the smartest of the lot not owning debt slaves for a living. Good for her.

This is epic! I hope Jamie dimon has this in his inbox in the morning!!


I agree with you my friend .

Lol, very hilarious. Can't stop laughing, i fell from the chair while listening to it. A nice funny Xmas song. Lol

Laughed for a moment 😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😅😅😅
Great post ❤❤❤

Jp Morgan CEO Jaime Dimon might actually like this, i bet we could have a drink with him and just relax



Jamie is probably taking home a $20,000,000 year end bonus, so I'm sure he will have a Merry Christmas.


end of dept slavery in sight
bankster mafia in panic mode

It's always NAZI week on History Channel

Hahaha! Love it! The christmas spirit is surging!

Ps. I'm new to Steemit and made my first contribution in terms of an introduction post the other day. Now I'm working on a piece that involves drugs that aren't really drugs, cops and the importance of securing your cryptos. I'll leave the rest up for imagination. If you would help a fellow Norwegian out, I'd appreciate a "Follow" big time. Hopefully my introduction post is an indication that I'm rater serious about Steemit and plan on devoting myself to creating quality content. I'm also working on a series on alternative logos for already existing coins which I plan to launch next week. Cheers! :-)

.......MERRY X-MAS To @fyrstikken !!!

Bitcoin is the different kind of feel in this cristmas... .it's blessing for us...
hope something can be this system...
just feel and say happy cristmas
song is going..
outstanding but surprised
keep it up..

hahaha it is so funny. Thank you @fyrstikken

merry cristmas..
hope we will get extra surprise somedays later....
love this song.attractable song to feel of love

best of luck
wish you best for all the day...
feel of merry cristmas


This is so cool and funny too, well done and thanks for making us happy. Merry Christmas in advance.

This must be the best gift ever!
BTC > fraudulant JPM!!!

Merry Christmas @fyrstikken.

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thank you for share its amazinggggggggggggggggggggg

very nice song

wohhh nice and lovely Christmas song it is,,,, thanks man for your awesome post,,, enjoy your upcoming christmas party.......

ha ha ha so funny :)

@fyrstikken and @booster

I am a big fan, you & booster service.
I found error booster logic.

You should fix it.

Now, when Booster is voting, someone send SBD, booster will refund it.
However, frontier guild voted it.

Someone is using a booster to keep this going.
This is a serious problem.

My english is not good, however you should know it.

Have a wonderful Christmas!. Lovely Xmas song

@fyrstikken nice $162.00 when I UP Voted.........


Hello @fyrstikken Are you going to explain why you went on a flagging rampage a week ago and flagged a bunch of my posts and comments.

Trying to determine if you had some rational?

Or you just got drunk and rude and irrational?

You are of course one of the lead ambassadors of the STEEMIT platform

Hahahaha!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this!

I remember JP Morgan spreading FUD and trying to (successfully) bringing Bitcoin price down. Jamie Dimon and China did some serious damage (and bought much?) to Bitcoin.

Both parties have made a lot of money from buying the dip.

ahahah I'm preparing a christmas playlist to share with the community. I don't think I'm going to include this theme of yours but I really enjoy it!

you are a big singer.i like your song.really this amazing..

👍👍😄😄😄😄😘😘😘 @fyrstikken

Fuck You JP Morgan.. go on fuck you

i like your song,thanks for sharing
have a nice day @fyrstikken

i am waiting for your every post

i think your rvery content i like it

thanks for sharing
..and i wait for your next content..carry on your of luck my friend..😍😍😍

Thank you and share the love

merry christmas to all..

jajaj nice son, i remember you

Months before, when they are just growing, I see that you have had a lot of success in the community, I congratulate you.

I do not manage to have it, but now I'm growing.


wow very nice video like it so much


amazing are super singer...👌

wow nice video super song..

Ha ha ha .... awesome. The only thing better will be to see him Short Bitcoin and lose everything.

what a video really nice..


Hey @fyrstikken Thats A Literally laughed out loud at this!

a nice video really super..

My friend greet video and i enjoy this video


@fyrstikken My favorite Xmas song.

You forgot to wear your christmas sweater

I laughed for a long time. So JP Morgan and it is necessary! :))))

HAHAHA, way to go brotha!

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This song is very funny. Congratulations.

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Happy christmas!👌

jp morgan gotta enjoy this one for sure :D

Haha! That was priceless and very hilarious!

Hahaha OMFG...This song.

This is awesome!

Hahaha! Awesome!

Fuck You JPM // You fucked millions of lives in 2008 // Its Time To Fuck YOu JP Morgan


Lol hell yeah brotha!

Episk @Fyrstikken!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, This is wonderful song i love this song, good job dude, thanks for sharing this video.

haha. This is too funny.

Bit out of time but the man raises an important issue. Fuck you JP Morgan :D.

really very nice video../

que te follen JPMorgan!!!!

Merry christmas dear

Huh my new favorite Christmas song! Maybe we magician party time this music play a Bitcoin with someone box will - it will be awesome. Maybe the girl free for it to agree to be

@ fyrstikken - hope Jamie Dimon gets to watch this ;)

Wonderful and best way to welcome latecomers like JP Morgan and their cynicism

Hahahah, I hope that CEO of JP is going to jail because of the things that he said about BTC so JP can buy more at lower price

Why everyone hating him now?

morgan got no chill this time