Teardrops of joy

in surpassingoogle •  last year

From the day she was conceived, there was series of complications, ranging from lower abdominal pains to nostril bleeding, at some point she started having high B.P . I was afraid of losing my wife and unborn baby, my wife was always shading tears because of the fear of the unknown. But we keep on praying for self delivery. On that fateful day, she was unable to put to bed. At a point she was rushed to theatre and CS was conducted and it was successful. From teardrops of fear to teardrops of joyIMG_20170919_224833.jpg

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The power of prayers make everything possible! Just trust God and you'll be provided!,.. Indeed, A very cute baby, welcome to the world of life baby, Raise to be a steemians. hehe

so adorable :) welcome to the world baby

A beautiful baby, how old is she now?

Welcome to the outside world baby 😊😀. You're so blessed. You have such a cute and adorable baby. Good to know your baby survived and so your wife. Anyways, congratulations on the beautiful angel added to your family:))

Power of prayers indeed