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@surpassinggoogle has been my steemit role model for longer than I can remember and I follow every activity by him with dedication. His humility is second to none and his immense contribution to the Steemit community cannnot be overemphasized. Among his initiatives are Steemgigs, Ulog among many others. And recently he made an announcement about his plan to make his Youtube channel alive again.

He will henceforth use this channel to upload videos explaining very confusing concepts on steemit which everyone needs to understand. Do you have any question about steemit? Would you just love to understand the blockchain better. Kindly subscribe to his Youtube page here

This is what the channel looks like before you subscribe Screenshot_20180530-195932.png

And after you subscribe


This is what the lord himself wrote about it:

"I will cover everything that is needed INTEL-wise, to drastically speed up your steemit "success" journey. I will cover history, the behind-the-scenes, possible future etc but more especially, i will explain these matters using "real life", removing "all barriers to entry" with regards to understanding these things.

Each video will answer very pinpoint questions and each video will be as short as possible. I will be proactive in generating these questions and my answers will be "on-the-spot", not rehearsed and "no books" involved as i will simply use "real life".

Do well to vote steemgigs as witness.

Also, Use the Ulog tag. Remember, with Ulog, you are the celebrity and we are your fans.


Youtube channel it can be useful for users who are still learning new steemit.

Surpassinggoogle has played a vital role in steemit . I really appreciate the support

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