I am a newbie Steemitan, but I'm in a full support of sir Boy Terry's campaign!

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The campaign of @surpassinggoogle is a need for us Filipino Steemitans because we are being burned by the fees of the other exchanges that we transfer our SBD or STEEM to, this campaign of Sir Boy Terry will be a game changer for all of us Filipino Steemitans, because we will save time, effort and especially money. I am a crypto enthusiast and I know how costly is the transaction fees are when you are going to transfer from an exchange to another exchange then going to transfer it to your coins.ph wallet. not only the transaction fees will burn your money but also the fees of the exchange when you are going to trade for BTC or ETH. Not only the Steemitans will be benefiting from this project but also coins.ph because other Steemitans that are using other wallets e.g. ABRA, Bitbit wallet, etc. may switch to coins.ph because they can transfer and exchange it directly to their wallets, and as this campaign is going coins.ph is also benefiting because we are marketing their wallet and their newly launched exchange, so this campaign must be noticed and be given a big consideration and merit buy Coins.ph and I really hope this project will push through and I hope for the best for all of us!


Thanks Sir @surpassinggoogle for the wonderful idea and ambition of this campaign, and thank you for supporting my other blogs :) thanks for your kindness and generosity :)

please Resteem for the spread of the campaign :)

God Bless Filipino Steemitans and all Steemitans!

This post is a support for Sir Boy Terry's (@surpassinggoogle) 200 video campaign and for the #steemitpowerupph community.

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I found your post via our (@newbieresteemday) post promotion box, thank you for using it. If you have any question any member will try to help answer it or point you in the right direction.

thank you so much sir!