Sunday is always bonding time. It is a day spend with God and family. It is our one day of the week that is spent meaningfully. And last Sunday is a very hot sunny day so we planned to spend the whole afternoon in a nearby public swimming pool.


We promised to save one day a week for God and family. It is very important to us to teach our young kid the importance of putting God first into our lives and for being together as a family.


By doing this we are teaching our son the sense of family value. So that even when he grows up to be responsible young fellow we hope him to be, he can always count on family.


In this way, this is our time to talk about many things and most importantly to listen to our son what is on his mind and how we spend his weekdays. :-)


Happy family may God bless u all :)

yes family bonding is important. thanks for the support

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God first then family 👍

I agree with you 100%! :-)