Dear Son,

You are a blessing and our little miracle just when we are starting to think that we could not have a baby. But still, we did not lose hope and pray that our Almighty Father will bless our wishes. Then 5 longs years of waiting, you came and brought immense happiness into our life. Really, God is good and in his own time, our prayers have been answered!


We watched your every little step you take into your life, your first crawl, your first word, and even your first food you take brought us true love into our hearts. In every milestone of your life, we are your greatest supporter and your avid fan. You mean the world to your father and me.


We have seen you grow more mature and are now at age 4, becoming an amazing child. Your talents are starting to show up and what an adventure every time you showed us your new God-given talents. You are now starting to take some responsibilities in your own small ways, even with just cleaning up your own mess or fixing up your toys.


Not a moment goes by that we did not thank the Lord Almighty for giving us our little miracle. You mean the world to us and we are very proud of you.



Wpw cutie little man! God bless u all!

Thanks he is one very handsome young fellow indeed!

Indeed! Children are gift from God..

Yes, sir. He is our everyday inspiration. Thanks for the support sir. I have upvoted and follow you now.

Children are the special gift from God and we give thanks with you that you have this awesome young man in your life @jessieflor.

He is everything to me! Thanks for the upvotes