Happy birthday @surpassinggoogle

in surpassinggoogle •  2 years ago  (edited)

Today is a great day for our dear terry and I would like to express my greetings to a person who is always open to help others.

This I will take a chance to thank the man who became our inspiration to go on our journey in steemit.

Without you dear terry aka @surpassinggoogle ...our journey would be impossible.

I am very thankful to this day that someone like you is born to inspire everyone of us here in steemit. With your high regard in life giving out the best project that you have like the #untalented curiculum, #untalented-adjustment, #teardrops, #SMT token. This projects brought inspiration to everyone of us.

To all that you do...may this day a happy day for you.

We love you terry and more birthdays to come!

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