#ulog day 06.How my day went

Today started beautifully,with light showers of blessing(rain),after the rainfall I went to fumigate the weeds on our building site, construction is about to continue on the site,the cool and calm day turned out to be a stressful day IMG_20180603_104013.jpg



I had to do some work, I mean real work, spent almost five hours doing the weed out of the grasses, was seriously tired, I left the place and I had to go and shower and rest. IMG_20180603_104336.jpg

Before I end my post, I must appreciate the support of my role model on this platform @surpassinggoogle who has always been there for virtually everyone on the platform, thanks for all the support @surpassinggoogle.



It sure does look like a hard day at work, but hopefully you got to rest and relax afterward.

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