My appreciation post


My appreciation post,it has been a great honour to be among the benefactors of your kind gesture, the reason for coming up with this post was the fact that I almost lost interest in the platform (steemit) because I noticed that, when I post a good write-up I barely get upvotes but when a whale comes up with an ordinary post they get series of votes even from the minnows, so things like that made me loose interest in steemit but when I read your work on ulog, steemgigs etc, I once had doubts.
I made my first ulog post, still couldn't get appreciated not until my second time, this has really thought me not to relent, not to relax, thought me to always have faith, always move on,and most of all made me understand the fact that there are still great people with good minds on steemit.
let me say this, @surpassinggoogle is a blessing to this platform, you'll always be my role model, may all the prayers people showered on you be answered, thanks for the support Terry also known as @surpassinggoogle, steemit man of the moment.
you're great @surpassinggoogle
you're fantastic @surpassinggoogle
you're appreciated @surpassinggoogle







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