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Tan lines fade but the memories of summer last forever.

Oh yes, I fully agree.

Summer at my place means: heat, tons of sun protection and ice-cream, crowded beaches and few mellow waves for many surfers.

In Spanglish it's: Summer a tope 🌊🌊🌊

@surfermarly having a bad day


During my last surfing session I learned once more that "sharing is caring".

In high season the water is full of newbies and people who obviously spent too much time in the sun. They are literally on fire and catch everything they can, not caring if there are other people around or even already inside the same wave.

Enjoy "Summer a tope" - Another fun surf video shooted at my local spot 🎧

Btw: tomorrow I will give an update on Steemit's World Surf Map! If there are any surfers reading this, give me a call and I will consider you and your local spot on the map 🌎

Have you seen that girl with her longboard?

In Spanish I would say: "Chiquita cara!" (meaning: How cheeky!)

She looked at me, saw that I wanted to catch the wave, then paddled around me in order to take it on her own. I called her names as you can see in the video

I said the "P" word a couple of times, haha!

But then I just smiled and caught the next wave. I'm just too happy and chilled to fight for a wave and cause any artificial trouble in the water. Especially girls sometimes are like that, they just can't deal with having anybody "competing" next to them. Weird!

Oh holy serenity of mine, I love you much 😆

Have a great day, peeps!

And remember: A smile is ALWAYS the best reply.

Marly -

Snapshots 📷

Getting ready

Checking the horizon

Inside the wave

One of these wave thiefs!!!

Posing for the photographer at the shore

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Yellow is the color of hope and energy!

Both totally match with my personality :-)

love the new outfit!

Yellow like the sunshine, yeah! Sun's out, fun's out!!! Hehe
Thanks 😍😍😍

Yes the yellow is awesome. Also like the new shorts.

These are actually my oldest surfing pants - I learned how to surf in them 😃

OOO love the video! Great editing too! :) I'm a pretty beginner surfer, it's so hard to know when to catch a wave... but when I do, it feels amazing!

Hehe, thanks for your nice feedback! I'm a beginner, too. There is this saying that the best surfer is not the one who's the most talented but the one that most enjoys being in the water 😃
I would totally sign that!
Have a great day, Karen

I can't agree more! Whoever has the most fun is getting the most out of life in general! :) Keep on surfing! Love it!

Hey @surfermarly where are you from and y donde estas en la Playa? I'm from New York, grew up surfing in MTK the end, and moving to Spain soon por las olas 🏄🏿🏄🏿🏄🏿

Hey Ben! Another surfer - great! Estoy en las Islas Canarias :-) Where are you moving to in Spain?

OH cool! I'm moving to Las Palmas - My wife is from there.

see you in the lineup!

Great to see you out surfing as always.
It is amazing what shots you can capture while you are surfing haha
I'm glad you had a great time @surfermarly

Yeah well the cam is safely fixed on the board. This time I had the great opportunity to give the GoPro away and hand it out to one of my surf buddies. He held it in his hand while I was trying to surf next to him. We needed 4 waves to finally get the perfect angle, I think it was worth it 😃

Surf is life!
Direct contact with nature :)


wooo hooo 😎

cool....are you out there every day?

I try to... Right now there are not many waves (as you can see in this video). But we do have fun anyways.

Always great to see you have fun on your board.

Hehe, thank you! I really enjoyed this session a lot 😃

Cool photography & i think you are enjoying lots of good moments.In my openion if you post some other activite & other things with this picture then your post more gorgues other then this.Not takeing otherwise i am just shear my fellings.🍻🏄📸

Thank you. I didn't understand the second part of your comment actually...🤔🤔🤔 You believe I should write about other activities than surfing? Which?

Get Loose!! Shootz!!

Ohhh my !! new video new outfit a lot of fun !! <3 <3

Hehe, yeah! Everything but the spot 😃

Love the colloquial phrase chiquita cara - because the literal translation is not "cheeky".

When I spent some time in Peru, I remember the colloquial phrase friolenta - meaning "cold-boned ". Contextually is used to describe a woman who can never seem to warm up and always needs a sweater or blanket.

Loved the videos.

You mean "chiquita cara" means "cold-boned"? Not at my place. Here we use it to describe a person who is very cheeky (also: brazen) in sense of "caraduda".

Spanish is different all over the world, so there may be some slang in Peru I don't know.

I'm happy you enjoyed it!!! Have a great weekend!

Nope the term "Friolenta" means cold-boned. I do enjoy learning all the colloquial phrases from different parts of the world.

Keep on chasing the sun and surf.

Yeah, that's right. We've got the very same translation for that one here :-)

I do. Have a great weekend!

nice little video, im getting jealous. 10 more days and I´m finally on the board again. can't wait!!

very funny

Actually it wasn't my intention to cut the wave like that, but it was good for the pic - hehe