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A creative that is very unique and really interesting, the car body is made of wood



Unique carrots, fruits that closely resemble people who are hugging, hopefully you like to see it


Turmeric is known as one of the kitchen spices, but it is necessary to know that this turmeric has unique properties, it can smooth the skin and can also be an ingredient of herbal medicine that is very good for human health.


This is the risk if we wait for durian to fall in the garden, which one we choose durian or tiger and or run the right choice


Very interesting and unique fact found in this owl, and not owned by other birds, hopefully you like to see


This is a giraffe insect, why is it given that name because this insect has a very long neck


This is our style when when angry and sullen, it is always smiling because frowning is not beautiful


Hi @yoo1900, today I want to show something unique and hopefully you like it, radishes that resemble humans who are walking, hopefully you like


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