Support minnows , Date 22.2.2018 promote content on Steemit.

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Hello Steem friends
I vote for 5 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be about 50%-80% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?
reputation below 60 (Completely random, it just have to be a good one).
List for today:

(I do not intend to stop supporting those I have supported so far even if they are over 60)


If you want to make an exception and vote someone more than 60 rep - this is one of the best persons to vote, as he makes the best tutorials I have ever seen about everything steemit - related:

Thank you so much @kivsha, @yairdd and @techslut! You guys are an amazing bunch of people! Special thanks to you, @kivsha, for being so generous and supportive!

I did in fact receive support from you @yoo1900 so I am grateful to you! Such a supports bounds me not to ever compromise on the quality of my content even if I have to spend days and weeks to publish it.

You make awesome content and people notice. I work for the buildteam and sent them your tutorials on MinnowBooster as they were worthy of the team's attention. Which I think they got. It's how steemit success is made - do good, create good content, connect with people and the rest happens by itself.

You know what, I was invited to join BuildTeam and was made a member of the bootcamp. My life somehow sucks in terms of committments so I couldn't pursue the work or the invitation. It is such an honor though! Thanks to you!

It is an honor! And I totally respect and admire your ability to admit you don't have the ability to commit. <3

As much as I wanted to be a part, I knew it would be hard to control situations in life. Freedom is a bliss. Cheers!

Second that

i admire @ilyastarar..he has so much you could learn from

you support us with such projects. A nice work for steemit. thank you for your effort @yoo1900
With this project, you can also support to prevent environmental pollution

Konu gerçekten hassas, bu konuya deyinmeniz güzel olmuş

Teşekkür ederim. Desteğiniz beni çok mutlu etti.ülkemizde ve dünya'da çevre kirliliği giderek artmakta ve buna bir önlem almak gerekli

evet artan nüfus ve şehirleşme oranına baktığımızda geleceğimiz çok parlak görünmüyor gibi

Cok farkli bir konu ve guzel bir anlatim keyifle okudum

You should also support @geekorner and @nomad-magus
Both have great content that deserves your vote

Thank you and keep it up bud!

Your power is amazing 😲
How long have you been using steemit?

My picks for your review today (Israsteem meetup flavor!):

Thanks a ton Mate @yoo1900. I am truly grateful to you and appreciate your effort to make steem #1 blockchain with your charity work.

congrats mate. More power to you and @yoo1900.

Thanks mate

Congrats buddy !!!!

Nice job,
May someday we enjoy your great service too,though the better content may shadow our chances for some time.
Happy to see more minnows here and enjoying helping hand.

Being a minnow is so much fun to be honest. If your post get a big upvote from a whale or dolphin, it makes your entire week. Last week I got a 5$ upvote on one of my post. I can't express that feeling in words. And I really appreciate your effort for supporting minnows.

Hi bro
You are supporting minnows like us
Seeing your posts from over a month
But I am waiting for you to see some of my blogs and say how they are

I thank you for your vote.

I also want to be the best choice, can you give me the terms and conditions? @yoo1900

lucky to those who have been upvoted hoping to be one of them

Hi, I need help.I'm really super something you are doing congratulations on.I think you are acting fairly seriously and I am thinking of doing encouraging sharing like you in the future.

Congrats to all minnows mentioned above. More power 👍

Thank you @yoo1900 really motivating us minnows.

Thank you...or I mean this is great! @bob-elr made a statement on 'steemib' platform, and also gave an up vote on my is pretty much encouraging and I thank him too! #support

Thank you for this great work you are doing, God bless you richly...
I'm very happy for this week winners, congratulations to them all...

Again @yoo1900 you keep our writing top class by supporting us.

Thumbs up👌💯✔

splendid & captivating!

You can go to my blog to see how
tremendous my post are!

Thanks for your generosity Support minnows.

unbelievable! Thank you.

Great initiative! Would love to be that lucky winnow but i don't feel like i deserve it given that i mostly curated for now! But definetely on track to release many multi-lingual posts very soon!

Thanks a lot @yoo1900!

Thank you so much for your vote and your support.... May God always bless you... Thank you thank you thank you...good luck 💖💖💖💖💖
I reestem it

Supporting minnows is great job, appreciation with upvote and resteemed.

I will done up vote

I like your work and I support it. I wish you continued success. Thanks for your support on minnows! :) @yoo1900

Hi @yoo1900 Just want to say I have some new work if you would like to check it out, Thank you again for the support the other day :)

I am quite new to the platform and have been trying to get more involved and contribute. Any advice? Have a great day!

Amazing program , I like it

Hello @yoo1900, I would try again with another articles related my design:
hope You like it

Thankyou for this genuine initiative sir :), help to minnows :)

But how does it work, or you randomly choose?

Good work @yoo1900 keep it up

What is the criterion for getting nominated.

If thare any chance win 2nd time??

You have a big heart. Visit my site if you're interested in science. Upvote only if you deem mine worthy. Have a nice day.

Minnows support is the best. Thanks.

Keep doing that sir

Hope you will take my name tommorow for an upvote .

Thank you for supporting and assisting us not to give up on our dreams on steemit.... I hope I get lucky too..thank you. @yoo1900

Hi @yoo1900, what can someone who truly believes his post deserves a little bit more credit do to get your attention?

Thanks for your support on minnows!

Those are lucky minnow who get choosen. I too will do my best shot to get selected one day.

very lucky for those who get upvote from you @yoo1900, congratulations to the chosen ones and always give the best in making your content in steemit

a very noble job, helping small fish, is everyone's dream, you are a good person

Wonderful step taken and a big congrats to all the selected minnows <3 <3

Thanks a lot @yoo1900 :) :)

wow very nice excellent post

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Thank You! ⚜

Continue like this! You are great friend,

It us really good to take a support hand... :)

Support minnows! Yes.. I'm a minnow and I support minnows because not too many are helping each other. We think following the big money, but it's actually those that wish to grow together. Good to see.. and I'm powering up along with you.

Good post brother @yoo1900

again you come.i like your really good

Congrats to todays winners, you guys has been blessed today. More grace to your elbow @yoo1900

Good post @yoo1900

I will surely think hard to see that i always post the best content such that i am able to benefit from your campaign @yoo1900 but most importantly to see that i also add noticeable value to the steemit community. thank you


Wow Very very good post...3579BA42-4566-4E2D-A95D-EEE6344148D5.gif

Congratulations @yoo1900, this post is the eighth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superhero or Legend account holder (accounts hold greater than 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superhero and Legend account holders during this period was 51 and the total pending payments to posts in these categories was $3975.35. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

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Hi @yoo1900
I like your work and I support it
Nice post :)

Also, @yoo1900, A friend of mine has joined Steemit and he's drawing and making a story of it and posting on Steemit. every post of him is high quality. would love if you support him


Keep up the good work stop by again sometime thanks 👍

Everyone needs to repost this post he's a great person who helps people out so share his post and upvote 💯👍⚡

Thanks for sharing i will done up vote I always see your post. And follow you

@yoo1900 This sounds great :) Awesome way to show support to good quality creators. Steem on.

@yoo1900 i want to thank you so much for the help. This motivates me further to post as much quality content as possible so i can add value to steemit properly.

Again 100x thanks.

Kind regards,
Anna, @arhitekt

@arhitekt love your name! I'm an architect hehe ;p will be sure to check out your work. and congrats! :D

hope to be included on the next pool

Today I've found another new friend who can help me in developing in steemit, I do not expect much but hope is very reasonable because I am a normal human, hopefully this is my chance!

this is amazing, you really noble heart because it wants to think of minnow that need support from whales, May the Almighty repay all your good. Have a nice day @yoo1900.

This is a great thing you're doing! I would like to nominate @blanca237 She posts very interesting stories on her blog. Thanks.

When will you support me? I think I have good qualty contents. Could you check my works?

Your support is very meaningful for small fish, hopefully you are always healthy wherever you are @yoo1900😊

You really have a good heart :) thankyou for supporting minnows like us. You really are amazing.

Great work! Please consider me @sea-cottage if deserving.

I would recommend the very person I brought to Steemit and saw him grow like a pro. He has to resort to bots to get some support but his content (the two detailed posts he does per week) deserves much appreciation. I recommend @jbn.

"The price of success is hard work and the determination that, regardless of whether you lost or won, you gave the best of yourself, it always gives more than what is expected of you"
If you do not know what to do with your life, do something that saves lives. The world is full of people with needs, be part of their lives and fill that need, thanks yoo1900 for the help you give without anything in return you are the maximum ..

Wonderful idea to support others trying to grow on this platform. One of the many reasons that I have fallen in love with Steemit <3

@yoo1900 - this is an excellent project for minnows. I am trying to grow too and want to put quality content out there and gain followers & build the community on Steemit. Followed & Upvoted!

Are you part of any Curation guilds? If so which ones? Do you pay for upvotes? If so what are your methods? Thanks. Still trying to figure out why I have only mad 2 cents in 1 mount after 100s of upvotes that i have paid out .

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