Support minnows , Date 18.02.2018 promote content on Steemit.

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Hello Steem friends
I vote for 5 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be about 50%-80% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?
reputation below 60 (Completely random, it just have to be a good one).
List for today:
(I do not intend to stop supporting those I have supported so far even if they are over 55)


Btw how exactly work VP? 😊

Abuser Spotted!!! Check her Comment Section?

What? Is not allowed to ask? 😂

Nah, but people tend to hate other people getting followed and upvoted regularly by the same person. Toot.

@crytosharon, unfortunately, I know it. It was just a "retholical question". That is so sad, what people doing sometimes. I am doing nothing wrong for nobody...
And @steem-pro nearly peed himself because I got a vote from my boyfriend. Yezz writes to the newspapers about it. :D

:P Sometimes I wish I had someone to follow me around like that. But oh well. Such is life. Maybe I'll get lucky in the future.

@olsm is probably her boyfriend. That's why he upvotes everything she says. Keep the money in the family. :P

Every vote has a weight. Let's say your vote is $1. You can choose whether to upvote something at 100% or any other percentage, such as 50% or 1%. If you vote at 1% and your vote is $1, the result is a vote of $0.01.

Every time you vote, you spend 2% of your voting power. If you vote at 50%, you spend 1%.

You regenerate 20% voting power a day, 2% every 2.4 hours. @yoo1900's 100% vote is $86.99. He votes between 50% and 80%, which is between $43.495 and $69.592 at his current weight.

Olsm's vote on each of your comments is usually 100%, and at 100% VP, his vote is worth $2.52. This means he can vote for you 10 times a day before losing VP that he'll need a longer time to regenerate.

Sometimes he uses a lower percentage:

This may vary depending on his evaluation of the relevance of your comment or your need for monies.

Thank you for explain. Now i understand :D

Btw how exactly work VP? 😊

Check out Comments!!! @berniesanders

Thanks for investing so much money in steem and you are doing a great job. Making very good use of your Voting Power.

You are doing a great job buddy.
In this selffish world you are a real hero ! 👏👏

Great work, highly appreciated, you always make day of many minnows.
Love the concept and challenge, makes people more creative. Highly appreciable Regards.

Yes this act is highly appreciable even holy. The other Whales and Dolphins should take a lesson from here.

Happy for you, I told you once there are good people to respond. You need to be optimistic and the success will follow you.

This is such a good community work you are doing for minnows this is literally praiseworthy from our(minnows) side.
Keep this up minnows need you and services like this..


Yes indeed @naseerbhat. @yoo1900 is such a kind hearted person for he is helping us minnows in this community to be more effective bloggers and to post some good quality posts. Thanks for that @yoo1900

I hope to see you even larger someday. Let's continue helping each other ^^


GREAT JOB DEAR @yoo1900. Keep it up!

how do I participate to win your vote, and I think it's great what you are doing for the small fish

Sir this a little appreciation from my side i draw this for you
God bless you are doing a fab jOb

Please don't draw anymore hahaha!

Very cool, just came across this in the "hot" section. Great initiative!

I am so happy today...Thanks for your support

Hello @yoo1900 I am delighted to have met you in the world of steemite and I need your support, please help me. Thank you @yoo1900 :)

God bless you sir, @aristokratos one of whom you chose yesterday is my brother. You are such an Angel. The world needs more of people like you. You are an an inspiration and hope to newbies like me

Güzel post dostum.Tebrikler başarılarının devamını dilerim gözlerinden öpüyorum.

Thank you very much and keep up with good work!!! Appreciate it! I think we should all... :)

Saya menunggu dukungan yoo1900

Guys, Pause for a Minute and appreciate this Great Initiative.
I'm a minnow and i know how hard it can get.
We Stick to just commenting as its no point to long blogs at this stage, since we dont get paid enough.
But to see Initiative's like this is really motivating :)

you are so great @yoo1900, you always support small fish.

What is your main motive to do this? If I knew how to make my digital currency I would give it to the poor who have the potential to succeed in life. I think you're doing the same with Steem - this is amazing support

Yes it is. I pray he visit my own too post one day

One day if steemit becomes one of the great social media platform, it will be because people like you... Thank you for the great support you are doing to other steemians. Have a healthy and profitable time. Upvoted and followed happily. Hugs from Spain.

Well, this community is really needed a selfless person like you who are dearly working to promote the minnows like me, which is really really Appreciable and i have massive respect for your this act of kindness Weldon @yoo1900 <3 <3 <3

I hope to be one of the lucky ones! hahaha

Yoo rocks! Keep it up your generous work. Thanks!

Wow. Another lucky people. Well done Sir

Wow. Congratulations to all winners and to my friend @mickyscofield.

Thank you as you support minnows 😊

Thank you so much @yoo1900
I got your upvoted.
It's a great week starting with such blessings.
God bless you

Congratulations brother. Duly deserved.

Support minnow program is a very helpful for steeminians it help us in financial matter it is very good program

Thanks for the post it will help me alot

can you support me?

What type of content do you upvote?

Thank you for your support of the impressive post every day,
thank you very much @ yoo1900 for your support

Wow, This is really very good.

If only I could enter in the categories which the upvote by you, really I am very happy.

Weldone sir. I hope you can check out my blog one of this days. It will be such an honour to know someone like you . Thanks

Very good idea ! I like that you are voting for good post, we need the good content to be voted so the random bad publications does not go viral

amazing, all the little fish desperately need people like you, always share with small fish, always successful friends @yoo1900

Let support me ☺

Great initiative it is @yoo1900

Another 5Minnows Uplifted. Amazing Contribution to the Community.

"Some people see the things as they are and I say: Why ?
I dream about things that never were and I say: Why not ?"
Robert F.Kennedy citates Bernard Shaw

Nice feedback to the steemit community. Unfortunately, you pick at random but good job.
Nice one @yoo1900

Congratulations @yoo1900, this post is the tenth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superhero or Legend account holder (accounts hold greater than 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superhero and Legend account holders during this period was 58 and the total pending payments to posts in these categories was $5978.33. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

Congratulations to the chosen ones I hope you have more success for @yoo1900 thank you for giving us a very upvote opportunity including me to increase my stability in this steemit..

Wow! Am dumbfounded already. Av never seen this type of kind gesture since i joined steemit and exactly what i call blessing overload. You are really touching lives through this and am so happy for my brother and friend @mickyscofield, chukwu agozi go gi bro. @yoo1900 you are a role model steemian

Good bro. I like it

Thanks @yoo1900. Have a great week :)

Keep steeming everyone!

what about us, what about the poor planktons nobody care about us, nobody give us time, nobody appreciate our works our thoughts and our effort like we are nothing just a fade. Everybody say let's support minnows why we are newbies we deserve a chance to show the platform our iron our origin and our talent btw nobody will take this comment souriesly 😊.

This is the senior we expect from steemian mutual help and guide regardless of feathers from bottom to top ,, thanks @yoo1900 a kind hearted life hopefully you happy

Izinkan saya resteem post anda.

I'm plankton.

I want to be part of the list, how?

Thanks for supporting the small guys like us ;) Would love for you to check out my work

Looks amazing your post
Thank you so much man

저도 steemit에서 흥 보 좀 해주시면 감사 하겠어 여.
저도 당신을 지지하겠어요.

This will definitely push us all to produce quality content. A great source of encouragement. Thank you for being so amazing.

@yoo1900 An act of good deserves my applauds. Well done!


Continue to post good stuff like you're doing now!

I like your work and I support it. I wish you continued success. Thanks for your support on minnows! :) @yoo1900

Great work @yoo1900. I hope many more people will follow your initiative.

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