Support minnows , Date 14.3.2018 promote content on Steemit.

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Hello Steem friends
I vote for 5 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be about 50%-80% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?
reputation below 60 (Completely random, it just have to be a good one).
List for today:

(I do not intend to stop supporting those I have supported so far even if they are over 60)


congrats! ^^

Yeah! His doing a great job. Maximum respect for him and his work.

how can the post get to you for review ?

Good yoo1900 and good very good

Congratulations to all the winners.

Lacy five winners congratulations

Amazing,,, congratulation for the winner,,, thanks @yoo1900

Congratulations to the winners and great job you're doing @yoo1900

Congratulations to the winners and great job you're doing @yoo1900

How are you finding the people you choose to support? Just randomly reading the new feed throughout the day or is there some kind of submission process?

I have Steem envy. Wish I backed up the truck with Steem under $0.5. Congrats on your success.

sangat bagus bisa menjadi inspirasi untuk sahabat steemit laennya

Congratulations to everyone! So nice of you @yoo1900 ! Respect!

Thanks for your kind Heartedness

once again you proved your help towards minnows.Great gestures @yoo1900.

Wondering when I will see my name in this list, just kidding , I admire what are you doing!

Congrats friend @elshadr, @folken,@reddbacchus, @chorock, @fsegredo1, This is a good quality post, hopefully today is a special day for you guys. Good job 👍

Thank you, I'm feel flattered

Congratulations to all the winners..thanks for the good deed @yoo1900 ....
Was just told about this by @magdnrobinson ...

This is the first time I've seen something like this. OMG!
I joined few Steemit a weeks ago and sincerely speaking, it has not been easy-at all. I struggle everyday to be recognized, to get a good upvote, to be noticed-all to no avail.

I've been tempted to give up many times but Gosh. I don't want to. I have failed in many other spheres in life . I don't want to fail on Steemit too!!!

I'm just gonna tell you a few things. First of all, please ignore anything that the person who introduced you to Steemit might have told you. Steemit is not always rosy. Yes I know you might have been told that by putting up just your introductory post, you will get a hundred dollar. Granted, some people can be that lucky but it does not always happen like that . As a matter of fact. 90% of the time , it doesn't happen like that and you find out that you have to work your ads out to succeed in this platform.

View Steemit as a normal regular work. To be successful, you must put in all amount of seriousness in your work . Of course you won't expect a 200 000 USD salary on your first day at work. But you find out that as you work harder, depending on the company, you can actually rise to that lofty heights.

So here is the trick.
-Work hard.
-Write quality posts too-posts which add value to others and the platform.
-Engage with others
-Don't be only interested in the rewards because girlie,I tell you, you will run away as fast as you ran down here
-Be consistent and only concentrate in creating cool stuff and you will watch the rewards coming in albeit later.

Better still, with quality, you will attract the attention of amazing whales like @yoo1900

Peace be upon your household, Sister

Thank you so much @penking. You have no idea what you havedone for my Steemit life. I'm off to improve my blog. Hopefully @yoo1900 will visit me

Wow, that upvote was unexpected. Thanks, @yoo1900 ! :D

I want to take this opportunity from being upvoted to send a message to every user here:

Do NOT give up!

When I started two months ago my Steemit account, I was like everyone else. I didn't have friends on Steemit to "boost" my account. I just loved the concept of a meritocratic system rewarding good content, and I showed here with my head full of dreams.

And like everyone else, I started by making 0.01-0.05USD. But I was SO happy to see that I could make 0.001USD for creating contents. It's always more than every other platform.

50% of something is always better than 0% of nothing.

Be consistent, and try to post every day or two. Some of you could be tempted to make plagiarism by just copy / paste an article from another website. Don't! You are going to be flagged one day or another. It's like digging your own gravestone.
Instead, try to create 150-300 words article every day that is pleasant to read. It's always better to check short but well-designed posts than 1,500 words boring ones.

Just be yourself, create your style!

Steemit is probably 20% content creation and 80% engaging with the community. Posting content every day should not be your only daily goal. Try to make new friends! :) Find content that you love, read it, and write genuine comments. You'll be stunned to see that engaging with the community is probably the most rewarding thing you can do!

"Come for the rewards, stay for the community."

You're the best whale. You have very good intentions :) I want you to get stronger @yoo1900

@chorock, congrats!! (oh, and the rest too, of course... @chorock just a little more ;))

Haha Thank you!

I like your post yoo,i am support 5 people,good job friend @yoo1900 upvote @alancobra.

congratulations for the winners in the future may be much better
once again survived

congratulations to the winners hopefully the future will be even better

One day @yoo1900 can make posts of follow ups on the people he helped launch in the future when Steemit blows up.... Congrats to the new chosen ones.... Now Steem on and don't look back. Doing great work....

congratulations to the winner, next time maybe I will win too.

The amazing,congratulations to all the winner,good job,thank @yoo1900,succes forever.

congratulations to the winners
thanks brother

congratulations to the winners

The wonderful things you do for the SteMeT community

congratulations to the champions for the future is much better
congratulations to you winners

congrat to the winners

I will try my best to get your good the next day. posts that give us the motivation to keep fighting. good work @yoo1900

Thanks a lot sir....
I'm so happy

Congratulatons everyone! Thanks @yoo1900! Make Steemit great again. 😊

wow congrats to all featured writings!

Shoutout to all you winner. \you keep rocking the party... Nice one @yoo1900

Wow! So unexpected and the first light I saw on this platform, greatly appreciated!!!

Congratulations to the winners

I so much love this @yoo1900. You are the best thing on earth.

Wow! I really wish I could be on the list someday. Thank you so much @yoo1900 for this kind gesture to help us minnows. You are simply amazing! More power to you.

This is really a nice gesture, thanks for supporting minnows, God bless you always

Thanks for the support
I hope to get lucky

@yoo1900 you're really doing a great Job.
This great gesture is really helping to encourage minnows.
KUDOS to you Sir
Congrats to all winners

imagea very nice post. the land of a painting located on the site of a large building in the center of ukreina.

Congratulations to all the winners, nice job men :D

congratulations to the upvote winners of 50% of @ yoo1900 as always helping the minnows day after day ..

congratulation for the winner,

It is one thing to know a good thing and want to do it.
It is another thing to know what is good and do it
This is an awesome thing you are doing here in supporting minnow.
God bless.

that is really great, congratz to the winners.
and you are so awesome @yoo1900 👏👏

excellent proposal but I do not publish for a few days I love the competitions and they make it more fun people as cool as you are excellent whales @yoo1900

One who truly desire the success of the minnows. @yoo1900 I celebrate you for this kind hearted gesture

Wow you're simply amazing @yoo1900 Congratulations to the winners this time. Weldone @yoo1900 More grease to your elbow

Great things come later <3
I'm really happy to see steps like this :)
congratulations all,
I hope I will be part of this one day,
I'm still a minnow, but i appriciate your work!
Bundle of thanks, Sir @yoo1900

Thank you for your support! @yoo1900

Good one, congrats to all both the winners and the potential winners.

Congratulations to the winners. God bless @yoo1900

That's so cool, congratulations to all winners, you guys must have good posts :)

Congrats to all :)

a very noble job, I hope I can also be part of your rewarding project, I am a beginner living in a very shabby place and many people are in need of help in my place

Congratulations @yoo1900, this post is the seventh most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superhero or Legend account holder (accounts hold greater than 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superhero and Legend account holders during this period was 43 and the total pending payments to posts in these categories was $2963.71. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

Congratulations to those who got the support. Thanks for giving minnow a fresh breath on steemit

So glad you support the minnows I am still under 60 :):):)

Thanks to @yoo1900 for the great support offered to the "great master piece work" of @elshadr, @folken, @reddbacchus, @chorock and @fsegredo1. Thank you for your time and effort put in to this platform by making it great up to this amazing level of success. Thanks for sharing too :)

congratulations for those who have got it @yoo1900 amazing

you all are lucky.Because you support
@yoo1900 to all of you.Again Congress.Thanks @yoo1900

Thanks for your kind Heartedness!

I'll always commend @yoo1900 for this amazing support.
Congratulations to all the winners

What can I say that hasn't been said @yoo1900? Watch out that no cat eats those minnows!! 좋은 하루 보내세요^^

@yoo1900. thank for information..this post is very good for spirit to newbi..this activity is very good and makes the spirit in making the post. I'm writing a post. but is constrained by language. hopefully can be finished quickly. see me at @muhammadabi.
be sucsess. regard

Happy to have another batch of Steemians for this initiative. ^^

I'm waiting my(upvote) time :D

This is great, muchos gracias! Looking forward to do the same one day =^_^=

Thanks to people like you this community continues to improve.

God bless yoo

congratulations to today's winners. God bless @yoo1900


post a good winner who gets vote from @ yoo1900. and congratulations for those who got vote from @ yoo1900.

Now that is the community spirit @yoo1900. Congrats to the winners!

Duly deserved. Congratulations to the winners. Well done @yoo1900. You are a rare gift, you came to give us minnows a lift.

Love to hear that from you @yoo1900 i love to be part of the community hopefully there's more people like you, that has a big heart to minnow like me..i would be a great help..congrats to all winners!

Congratulations to the winners
Thumbs up @yoo1900

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