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Greetings my fellow Steemit members! Time to upvote some content!


It is I, "Truce"

Here to do my part yet again today.

I upvote 5 people in which I feel created outstanding content.
The power has been set between 50%-96% on each post of the selected member.
This will help steemit.com flourish and maintain it's healthy state.
This process is based on my opinion alone and there is no way to apply for this.
Also go follow @yesaye he suggested I write that you can't apply so that there is no confusion.
Because of that, he has now earned his place tagged in this post. Good job #hahaha
I am not a bot, but I am a true Steemian.

List for today:

Respectfully as always


Great thanks to #truce, though you didn't mention my name but i remain grateful for your support(upvote) on my introductory post which really motivated me.
I have truly been upvoting randomly, i stay faithful in upvoting your posts #truce .
I am a new steemit member with only three posts for now but not encourage at all due to lack of upvotes,comments ( WHAT SHOULD I DO ?) Please help a sister.

As you can see, i also gave you a .47 sbd upvote, maybe that will help my friend, good luck!!

Queenpollyanna, Queenpollyanna lol see there i said your name yay lol hope you feel better now :) please do not discouraged, you are thinking about it wrong, dont focus on getting upvotes, focus on making friends first, that will build a following, then focus on blogging good content and your followers will upvote you. Like me, i do funny videos, ppl like that etc also money will not come overnight, you need to make it a habit to love steemit over time!

You have a great attitude toward Steemit and your fellow Steemians.
I have little voting power, but I make it a point to upvote all those who take the time to comment on my posts. I do this for all worthy comments, it doesn’t matter to me if they agree with me or not.
Hearing an opposing view is important

I am resteeming this blog, as more people should adopt similar courtesies

Thank you for the support!

I have sad little votes too but at least they help the rep score some. Sadly it seems the low score writers don't get read much. Maybe those 0 votes are worth more than we think.

I am most grateful to have been included. I will continue to do my best, brother. Thanks!

Thank you so much for the upvote 🌹🍓💖
I decided to follow some of the others you also upvoted.
Really cool idea too. I just throw my votes around like a steemy harlot lol!
heh- heh.... sup though?!
When is your next video?

I'm really sorry for my fault.I won't do this again.please take your downvote.I will always upvote.Please my request.I am new comer in steemit.So I apologize sincerely.please take back the downvote.

Bro what are you talking about??? I have never even downvoted any body a day in my life lol tag me in the post you think I downvoted you. I have never even used that option on steemit yet.

Yet?? Please don't use it at all. It could be really frustrating. Keep upvoting, you upvoted my first post and i still remain grateful to you.

Thanks so much. Loving your blog style so far. I will be following along to see what trouble you get into next.

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