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Comments mean so much to content creators, so i just wanted to thank everyone of you, that has commented on my posts! Or if you follow me and i have still yet to comment thats ok, but no matter how complicated or simple the comment is, it really makes me and others want to continue writing and celebrating the milestones we reach everyday.

So next time your unsure whether or not, to leave a comment. Why not just do it and let me know your thoughts, opinions and successes!?

And you may even earn penny's of steem, that add up and help grow your steemit or in rare occurrences you may even receive dollars worth of steem just for leaving a comment!

It boost confidence in us creators and lets us now that you have viewed and possibly enjoyed our content or us creator may even be able to improve our content from feedback leaved via your comment.

Shout out to my Commenters!

Thank you to:
The new guy :D @wallywall The wonderful @micch and @nathen007 @steeamy @brandin30


@agcoeficiente10 Speaking the truth!

And @agcoeficiente10 Making Goals!


Thanks to everyone that has left a comment! All of you are fantastic!


Let me know if i should make this a weekly thing? Have a great future and live life on!

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Go ahead leave a comment! \ /

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I dont think it is more important, I guess it depends on which side of the story you are on. It is indeed nice to get a good comment, but without good content, it would be hard to make a good comment. Keep up the good work ;-)


think it is more important, i don't i just think it means alot.

Your post is so on spot.