in #support2 years ago

Hello i greet you in the name of Jesus of Christ, Our Lord
Am here to call upon someone who will feel attached to stand with me through helping this needy children from community who are looking for your support for them to joy in this planet of earth.
So some of the items they need are;

  1. Clothes
  2. School fees or school tuition
  3. School requirements like Books, Pens, School Uniforms, School shoes and school bags
  4. Food
    So if you know in this world the moment you help someone or your donate to someone anything God blesses you with more, Please help this young needy children in my community.
    I will be very happy when someone or more people have come out to come and support and even we need your prayers too.
    Have a look of some of the needy children who need your help, prayers, and support
    Have a great day in Jesus Name.

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