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Motivation is actually an incentive given to someone for doing something.
There's nothing that drives high productivity like motivation. Once you motivate anybody, what you get in return is hard work because to whom much is given, much is expected.
Motivation is one of the lacking factor in labour.
Employers of labour usually desire high yields in productivity but most times, they really do not know how to get the yield they desire. One of the most effective ways of getting high productivity is by motivating the workers. I can certainly tell you that this method works like magic but it's what most people don't know.
When we say motivation, most employers tend to look at it from the monetary aspect but there are several other ways of motivating your workers. Do you know that just a smile can actually be a source of motivation to someone??
This is one important attribute that most people lack in their work place. Because you are the boss in the company doesn't mean you can't interact friendly with those that are under you. I little smile you give to them might seem nothing to you but can actually be a booster to them.
Let's consider some ways of motivating:

COMPLAIN LESS AND APPRECIATE MORE : It's very true that humans often times can't avoid mistakes but the whole truth is that we learn from those mistakes. It's not easy to control human beings, I'm particularly saying this from my experience. Sometimes when you are a leader, it takes grace to calm the upsets caused by the people under you and you have to shout at them and scold them just to ensure they do the right thing but the question is do you appreciate them with sweet words when they do the right thing?? Simple words like "you have done well, thank you, great job, etc could give someone a sense of belonging.
Please let's use more of appreciative words to motivate our workers.
Do you know how happy the workers are when they see their boss taking part or helping them out with some work??
There's bound to be love and unity wherever there is team work. You don't need to ask me but this is actually true. One of the ways of motivating your workers is by helping them do the job.
if you are at the top, those below you are humans like you and they have feelings too, they would want to be loved and appreciated just like you want. Show that you care about their emotions, tell them that your thoughts are we with them even in the midst of strife.
This is another means of motivation.
This is one of the challenges I have noticed especially in the private sector. Most employers fail to communicate with their employees cordially. They tend to get intoxicated by the hierarchy and loose respect for the junior workers. Though you are the boss but your communication with them motivates and gives a sense of belonging.
You can give your own reason or the organization’s reason for requesting the action. “If we don’t get this project completed on schedule, we’ll lose the contract.” But the best reason of all is always personal. Most private firms are fond of threatening workers with a sack, I think it kills someone's self esteem. But things being what they are these days, the best you may be able to offer is the hope that no one will lose a job.
yeah, I know people might have been waiting to hear if I'll list this point too. Let nobody deceive you, motivation is motivation, be it in "cash or kind".
No amount of motivation is too small. The one you consider too much might mean a lot to someone. If you are capable of giving out money for lunch to your workers, do it because it motivates them and the benefit of their motivation comes back in your favour.
This is where most employers are lacking behind. Some do say, what kind of monetary incentive do the workers want when their salaries are always paid???
The growth of businesses today in this competitive world lie in the welfare of your workers. The company can never grow without the workers. If I had my way, I would have added another commandment to the Bible, love your workers as you love yourself.
I'd love to emphasize this point again, no amount of motivation is too small.

It brings human resources into action and improves employees' commitment.
When the employees are motivated, that's when you'll see that they have special skills. Lol.. They'll work their lives out.
The satisfaction and efficiency of the employees is improved.
There is an adage that says, a hungry man is an angry man. When the employees are satisfied, there is improved efficiency.
There is employees' development and the organizational goals are achieved.
There is a friendly working relationship.
Leads to workforce stability.
When your workers are loyal to you, it depends on how you treat them.
The aim of every business is to achieve the organizational goals and these goals are achieved based on laid down strategies and one of these strategies include employee motivation.
Motivation is actually an incentive given to someone for doing something.
A tree cannot form a forest equally, businesses cannot grow without the workers because they form an integral part of the workforce and a positive workforce triggers high productivity. It may be challenging and difficult to encourage employee motivation at the workplace. However, in order to achieve a high level of employee productivity, management needs to encourage a positive workplace environment.

Good luck in your employee motivation.
Thanks for reading and upvoting.


Motivation is essential to keep going through the waves of life, nice post by you. But you may want to improve the structuring, sub-headings and layout format.

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