How to look up a steemit user by name

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How do you search for a specific user?
Like what if I want to find Luke Stokes blog.

Still trying to find the best practice.
Seems like I'm missing something big.

Please help


So far, I haven't found this function, either. Wish I could help. The usernames need to be in a database where when you type "ha.." , 'happymoneyman' pops up. This is basic, but it's not there. Some usernames have wild spellings, and it's impossible to memorize! We need the popup.

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oh that's simple. thank you. I always forget to use the toolbar.

You are not missing anything

Steemit is missing something HUGE

they have never implemented any sort of search functionality.

The best way to search for somebody is to write a blog and ask your viewers if they've seen so and so.
Long ago i literally went through the "new" tab line by line.

#Steempeak search usually shows me a list of usernames matching my search.

I stopped using the steempeak search because I can't figure out how to make it find all posts related to my search, but it does it a great job of showing usernames that match the search.

where have you been so good to see you after such a long time :) well i guess for that you have see your follow list

Welcome back to Steem, Happy :)

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