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Im only 18 days as steemer ,so im asking what is witness or witnesses at steemit?im wonder why what will be thier part or help to steemit?
On my first day as steemer,@surpassingoggle is familiar name that i heard,so i follow him eventhough i never meet him in person but in following him,ive learn a lot,for being steemer,,but little by little i know what witnesses will be thier part in steemians community. As far as i know witnesses will help the new steemers or old steemers. And they will be a big help to our community.they are also thier own money to pay for the safety of steemit!
I know thier idiology and i know as one the new steemer they will help us to promote and reestemed our post articles to gain upvotes and motivate us to continue our passion as blogger,steemer and proud filipino steemian!😊🙌💪!
So i recommend @steemgigs to vote as witness of steemit for our own good as steemer!


Do a favor to our community!as i do if im blessed here in steemet i will help also as @surpassingoggle as well.

How to vote:
1.) - Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses

2.)- Scroll down to bottom, and type in steemgigs and click vote. (You can only vote once per witness if you try to vote again the original vote will get deleted.)
3.)- Come back here and tell me you voted for him ;)

You can follow me also ,upvote,comment @greatwarrior79

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I'll definitelt cast my vote for a witness, but i wish there was a page one could go to to read up about what they plan to do for the community. Or maybe there is but i just havent seen it yet.


I will suggest for that , just follow @surpassingoggle so that you can read some platform of steemgigs as witness.
Thank you!:)


I sure will. I hear you can vote for more than one witness so I'll be adding him as well. Thanks


Yes @ paigegirl you can vote up to 30 if u wish..😊 but every witness you can only vote once.

Thank you very much for supporting and promoting our witness

@Teardrops SMT @surpassinggoogle visited you and I leave a tear of joy.
Please visit our publications, we will mention you.


Thank for appreciation @teardrops eventhough is a little help but i will support for the good of community and i admire for those steemians who really helps the new and old one to evolve and motivate to do the same..and i see one of the mission of this community and the witnesses is to support and to help and vice versa to the steemians!😊 i think as i see it helping people is our way of life as steemians!
Keep it up @surpassingoggle and @teardrops ! God bless you and the community as well!😊 God bless us all!

I always SUPPORT STEEMGIGS. Because STEEMGIGS always helps people who have just joined in steemit and always help people who have a less fortunate life. Because it is a pogram of @surpassingoggle. Therefore I am very SUPPORT STEEMGIGS, because I see @surpassingoggle has a very high social life and always help the people who live in poverty. Hopefully STEEMGIGS will be more successful for the future. Thank you for sharing and hope you will have more success in steemit. Greetings @greatwarrior79 ... :)


Thanks @reynakarena!😊let us continue support and help those steemers that we can help us and the community as well.😊

Thanks for sharing this post..... thank you very much supporting and steemgigs witness.....


I share the same idea, i mean support steemgigs as witness


I followed you.. :) let all support steemgigs, who always helping people. Untalented and talented all in same level.. Thank you for sharing my friend.


Thank you @ruby06😊 we must help and support for the good in our community . I will follow you as well..

just followed n upvoted u


Thank you..and God bless😊

i support you mam ,
earn a lot of money and be a millionaire ..


Thank and i hope so..your words will come true.😊

welcome to steemit.

I think I get the message you're trying to pass.
I admire the fact that for you leaving in a predominantly non English speaking state you are able to write a bit of English.
And yes... Steemgigs is awesome
And as for @surpassinggoogle I appreciate and respect the fact that a topdog is so committed to helping the underdogs.


Im not a good in english, but i can express what saying of my heart..here in asia philippines , is the most dominant to speak english than other asian country and i thank that, eventhough im undergraduate,yet i can speak english as well.😊 im sorry of my carabao english..but the most important is im helping and supporting the platform & idiology of @steemgigs and @surpassingoggle.!😊💪thanks😊


I admire your efforts
You can count on my support
Upvoted and followed you


Your support is highly appreciated!😊 thanks and keep it up!

Awesome.Your solitude is amazing


Thank you..