I Gave My Money Earned From Steem To Homeless People

in support •  10 months ago

Over a week ago I made a post promising to hand out all the money earned from that post's curation awards to homeless people on the street and make a video. Here's that video.

(sorry for the occasional visual glitches, I have no idea how or why those happened)

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People. Like u can make this earth Great again... No. Homeless no poor everone happy


Yes a wise 'old soul'☀

Love u man... U r really awesome

That is a very good idea! Most people make earnings from all sorts of revenue streams. Giving back and making someones or more than ones day is a great way to spend some of your money. Upvoted and followed by @cryptoryno33

Amazing... God must be Smiling at this. This is really inspiring. Helping people around us is everyone's right and you have just let us know that here again. When you help a person you got no idea with how many ways God is going to help you. :) BLESS DUDE

great stuff you doing, what country are you based in>? looks like its pretty cold!!!!


Thanks, most of the video is shot in Estonia where I lived but I just moved to London.


You have earned my upvote not that it matters for you and my follow. The society need more people like you. Salutations. @einarkuusk

Wow that's nice I feel like this should be a challenge. You might have created a challenge For people to do now On steem. UpVoting


@einarkuusk when that song started to play tears came to my eyes. @unityeagle listen to this beautiful song in his video so beautiful.
I wonder if you asked them in a different way if you would get a different response. When you give them a 5 and then are asking "what is your story" or "are you homeless" that puts them on the defensive in a way. I am thinking of a way to put it that sounds inviting. Perhaps if you tell them that you earned this money from people who don't even know you so that you can pass it on to someone in need. I feel your need and wish to give this gift to you. Then wait and see what they say just be with them in that moment and enjoy the feeling of giving. See them with Light and Love and then be ready to hear a story or move on... This may be a fun thing to try.
I upvote you for doing this I think what your are doing is beautiful.
Looking forward to future of your journey of synchronicity.

People like you restore my faith in believing that theirs good in people. Proud of you, and projecting good karma your way!

That's really great what you're doing man.

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Hoping to do the same thing as yours here in Thailand. Giving homeless hopes to live and give them a life that they deserve. I salute you. 👍☝️

love it !

oh my dear god! this made my heart so warm. in some of your videos you don't seem so friendly and helpful but we all know that actually you really are. i hope to do something like that aswell. this post is probably going to do good so get ready for payouts.

what a wonderful thing to do, and the song played by the violinist totally deserved the money. She made my hair stand on end with the notes she played, absolutely beautiful!

Man. This is amazing. I'm really impressed. Keep it up.

What a nice gesture! We usually give them clothes,as we have a little online retail business and all the returns go to them.

That's so awesome. I love seeing our Op touch peoples lives 👍👍

This makes my heart so full. Thank you for doing what you're doing! Resteemed(:

I saw a charity bot that upvotes to plant trees, a charity bot for the homeless would be a great idea! I would use it!

Wow your dtube always amazing i like always thanks for share with us

That's awesome man! :)

My respect, great video.

What a great thing to do! You've got a good heart man...

My respect for you increased even more. I have a question for you if you read my post. Do you got inspiration from uncle?


Inspiration came from within :)


@einarkuusk thanks for your reply . I will pray so that you could be succeeded.

Võimas. Selliseid selle rohkem vaja nagu sina Einar, keep up the good work

Thank you for the music and the kind thoughts.

The intent of our users will determine how this entire new system plays out.

There are those who exploit but those who give, and we are reputation building with every interraction.

I am so grateful to meet you, and thank you for all the work you do. ♡

I can't seem to load the video. Poor service in the bush AUSTRALIA. I've been homeless on the street at a young age and you will find some of the best people there with some of the most unusual or unexpected stories. Some from pasts of high society a couple I met had just walked away from it all. I will say that I've been there many times and very rarely anyone shows you any kindness unless they been there themselves. Most have no idea how difficult it is and how these people on the street actually are very greatful for even the smallest amounts of kindness or help in any form. People need to know that they are nothing to be afraid of as they are the peiple who would care and help you up if you fell down. Many of us like myself to this day. Have found freedom. I can't live anywhere paying rent or own anything to pay off because to me I feel it all as a prison, very trapped by the system. Sometimes it's just better to be cold and hungry than an unhappy constantly miserable system slave. Peace. I like your way.

That's a good way to make sure the money gets to the people it's supposed to be helping. Way to go. Good idea.

Your good deed will live forever. Am glad you are changing the world one help at a time.

That's really great man. If everyone in the world was like this, the world would be much better

Hmm , Im Honestly impressed you have my upvote good sir!

Wow it is great effort. you are awesome . Kindly keep doing it

it's a really good dedicate keep going we're all with you

Wow I love this idea! so awesome how the power of steam can make the world a better place

this is amazing man, keep up the good work

Great video man! I saw it too late so no upvote from me sadly. :(


Thanks for watching nonetheless :) dont worry about it

great work bro

this is really a true humans activity, God must b glad for you and must be smiling at you, hats off man...

First off, prejudice much against people drinking? Also it's not nice to pry, that man obviously didn't feel comfortable talking to you about the meaning of life, it's kinda rude at that point to insist that he is homeless or insinuate he's hiding something.


I'm not prejudice against people drinking - It just doesn't make sense that you would drink your life away. You think that 5 euros would have gone to the right place? Straight down, bottoms up? And I have to push people a little if I'm interviewing them - otherwise we won't learn anything from them to figure out how they got into the situation. Or are you saying the way they live is fine? Maybe you're right, that's the point of this video - to open a discussion. Peace.


So you're not prejudiced against people drinking, you simply don't make sense of drinking, you simply stereotype all who frequent bars as drunks, because obviously whenever people enjoy alcohol it's irresponsible or detrimental or abused, gotcha, that's why you won't ever give a damn about interviewing them, simply because they drink, I mean what is there to make sense of people drinking their life away, weak, pathetic, substance abusers, obviously they deserve to die holding the bottle, why they are there in the first place like there's any mystery to drunk and homeless.

I see that you do mock drinking, or simply visiting a bar for company, why not, you got it figured out it seems:

And I have to push people a little if I'm interviewing them - otherwise we won't learn anything from them to figure out how they got into the situation.

They're not your lesson in life or material for you to take notes on and pimp as sensationalism, and not only that you don't need to push anyone even a little because people will open up if they want to but if you really had the pretense of listening to them you would actually invite them to talk at a coffeehouse or anything, and not interrogate them with a pressing smirk like you could care less what the fuck they say, and finally, if you know how to invite them or making them an offer they cannot refuse they will come, but once you've been told to FUCK OFF then you promptly do so, if you care a BIT about the people like you pretend to do, or you keep disrespecting them, because you have to push them a little or else they won't spill the secret to exactly what failed in their support structure, a structural failure that isn't prerequisite on any one thing to fail, as some chose to be homeless regardless of how splendid that support structure is (family, friends work)

The way they live is fine, there's nothing inherently wrong or bad about it, that man looked very well groomed and certainly didn't deserve your interrogation and your little push didn't help anything.If you want to help people go and help those that ask for help and those that need the help, if you want to PATRON for people and their bag of tricks that's fine too, but don't impose your help onto others unless you expect others to help you in that way.

I consider your efforts self serving more than anything, you get to feel so fucking good because you get to "help" people, except nobody likes, or wants help pushed onto them, and nobody wants or likes to be interrogated by a stranger that holds a bank note, the first guy that you "helped" was ready to tell you anything you'd wanna hear and maybe it was genuine and maybe it was simply to get more sympathy charity from you, and then you got pushy with the one who wouldn't dance for you like a whore, with the expectation of the "sad sad story" which obviously wasn't going to manifest. I remember you also liked to snipe at the homeless in your commentary: they're not all there, mentally that is, as if you have to be insane to not to live with amenities, snickering about basically "who would do such a thing as be homeless by choice" among others.

Tell me seriously, you want me to believe that you did this video to find out any of their stories or simply to make a post about handing out some money to homeless? Everyone can see from the body language and your approach that faux interest in actually learning about what and how they ended up there.


Wow, you aren't a very happy person are you? Put a fucking sock in it, dude.


Phlease, I don't take orders from pathetic individuals that determine what type of person I am from what was said or how it was said instead of hearing a word of what I said, so lol, No Dude.


impressive, well done!

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Dios bendice al dador alegre y devuelve mas de lo que distes, te felicito

Yet another beautiful way to affect lives via steem.

Its so beautiful I must say @einarkuusk.
Putting smiles in the heart and faces of people brings a great feeling that's indescribable..


I love this act. How I wish there were more like you..

It's really good to hear that you're spending your earning to help poor peoples, I'm new on steemit, I need to do some hard work on this platform to earn more then i can run such campaign too. I'm following you hopefully in future we can help mankind together. @einarkuusk

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You commented when mentioning the last guy that instead of standing all night it's better to do something productive... If he was praying all night, would you consider it productive enough?


Praying is always more productive than not praying...the question is: if God answers, will he listen?

Good job Einar, that type human we have to get more.

good information thank for share

wow , its actually really nice of u

Good cause man.. Making d world a better place

Down to earth. God will bless who help other people. Good job

you are really a kind person mostly people ignore such problems around us.If we can't do nothing we can take up a voice for them. your act is admirable thanks for writing

Very generous of you , if I succed here I also want to give back .

Thanks for sharing dtube video.
I appreciate your post.


I am planning to do the same but still I to pay my educational expenses and Steemit.com is really helping me out. Thanks Steemians.


right i'm a student and i have to bear my educational expenses also

Very nice video..

very good actions and a nice nice way of spending steem

best of luck.plz give me one upvot