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"Let's Talk Nutrition" is a radio program created and hosted by Dr. Michael Garko. It is an internet health show that I found and listened to years ago. He still has a show every day Monday through Friday, most topics health and nutrition; and he brings on guests that have indepth knowledge of particular health concerns, or is a supplement product expert. I say most because once in a while there are philosophical and world condition discussions. Eventually I drifted away, having found other nutrition experts, and other types of information shows that I preferred to listen to.

However, I always remembered a bit of information that he gave. He was invited by a local TV station to have a regular spot sharing his health and nutritional knowledge and wisdom. He shared these videos on his site. On one clip, an interviewer asked the question "If you could only afford to purchase 5 supplements what would they be?" Being a nutritional counselor, it didn't take him long to put together this list:

(1) Multivitamin -The best that you can find. This can be whole food or powder form.

(2) Fish oil - you are looking for the essential fatty acids.(EPA and DHA)

(3) Fiber - for regularity

(4) Probiotics - for a healthy digestive tract and good immune system

(5)Some sort of green food -
-> These could be the grasses (wheat, barley, oats, alfalfa) which are easy to digest and add extra nutritional benefits.

-> Chlorella - as well as having supernutritional value, it detoxifies and protects against radiation.

->Spirulina - provides energy, prevents strokes, prevents cancer, helps with healthy cholesterol levels, helps with weight loss. This is the short list.

If you could squeeze in one more thing, consider turmeric/cucurmin with bioperene(greatly enhances absorption) - a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory (against arthritis, aches and pains), anti-cancer, anti-aging; helps with brain function and alleviates depression.

Information that is interesting to know and can help if used, even if it's only one or two things. So take note, and be encouraged that you can find and use this knowledge for your own health and to pass on to others.


b12 :D and d3 if you don't go outside a lot, especially during winter :D cheers <3 followed

You are so right. I looked on another nutritionist's list and they said D3 and E full spectrum. They also liked resveratrol. Tumeric was on their list and I added that in. Vitamin D3 is extremely needed and a lot of people are low and need to be taking it. My sister-in-law found she was low when checked. She had to take 50,000 units for several months. Thank you so much for your helpful comment. Hope people will read your reply.

Yes I agree with D3. Fish oil, probiotic, D3, and Curcumin would be my top choices.

Magesium, vit D & K.

Absolutely! I hear that is major - magnesium deficiencies, as well as iodine.
Thank you so much for your input. Hope people read all the replies.

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