superstition in football

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Do agree there is superstition in football?

Cristiano Ronaldo
CR7 is always the last one to leave the tunnel while playing for Los Blancos but the first one to leave the tunnel while playing for Portugal. He is also the first player to disembark while travelling to a game by plane. Ronaldo always puts his right foot on to the grass first.

Miroslav Klose
Former Germany striker Miroslav Klose always puts his right boot on first and takes to the pitch right foot first.

Kolo Touré
Kolo Touré always had to be the last player to enter the pitch whether in the first half or second half of games he played for club or country.

Gary Lineker
Former England striker, Gary Lineker did not take shots on goal during pre-match warm-ups because he did not want to waste a goal. He also changed his shirt at half-time if he failed to score in the first half.

John Terry
The former England and Chelsea skipper says he has ‘around 50’ superstitions that he has to observe before a match.Before a game John Terry listens to the same Usher CD in the car, parks in the same spot, sits on the same seat on the team bus, ties the tapes round his socks three times and cut the tubular grip for his shin-pads exactly the same length. Terry used the same pair of ‘lucky’ shin pads for ten years before losing them at an away game in Barcelona.

Tomáš Rosický
Czech Republic star Tomáš Rosický never sings the national anthem aloud, having realised while playing for his country that whenever he sang the anthem at the top of his voice, his team lost.

Pepe Reina
Pepe Reina – now at Napoli – was in the habit of filling up the fuel tank in his car at the same service station before every match (whether he needed petrol or not) and insisted on parking in bay before matches.

Mario Mandžukić
Juventus and Croatia ace Mario Mandžukić has a lucky pre-match routine which involves wrapping his hands in tape – a ritual inspired by boxers' preparations for a big bout. "There's no way the physio will not wrap my hands before a match," what your view

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