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Enjoy @superstemian Android application.

Supersteemian Android Application for steemit platform

We are aiming at the easiest interface to and steem platform to access it by a general social media user easily as they are working on other social media networks to earn some good handsome rewards.


  • Lightweight Android Application
  • No third party authentication needed (Just login with your posting key)
  • Posting key scan through QR Code
  • Loading all comments
  • Clickable comments to see sub comments
  • Beautiful Wallet
  • Coolest Editor with WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) - so no need to preview you actually watching what and how would be posted
  • Colorful Interface
  • Custom Tag Search
  • Claim rewards through wallet easily
  • Menu including Home, User Search, Create new post, Profile, Blog, Feed, Comments, Replies, Followers, Following, Wallet, Setting, About and Logout
  • Setting for Day/Night Mode
  • Setting up Vote Percentage
  • Filtering Posts Trending, Hot, New, Votes
  • Easy upvote, resteem and share on other platforms which supports your phone
  • Now NSFW filtering with blur effect first time ever on any steemit application

app mobile mockup.jpg

Download @supersteemian android application from Google Play Store

or Scan QR Code

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