700+ Followers Thanks to all

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700+ Followers

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Thank you everyone for constant love and support.

Have a great steem experience with @superstemian Android application.

Supersteemian Android Application for steemit platform

Updating constantly and development is going on for @supersteemian android application.


  • Small Size Light Android Application
  • Login with Posting / Author Key
  • Scan keys with QR Codes
  • See full post with all parent comments
  • Clickable comments to see child comments
  • Wallet design is impressive
  • Coolest Post Editor with WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) - Preview your post while authoring.
  • Colorful User Interface
  • Tag searching easily
  • On board wallet - Claim rewards too
  • Menu items
    -User Search
    -Create new post
  • Day / Night modes
  • Settings includes
    -Day/Night Mode
    -Vote percentage

app mobile mockup.jpg

Download @supersteemian android application from Google Play Store

or Scan QR Code

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