Would it be cool to vote with 28,000% SuperPowers on STEEM or GOLOS powered front-end from time to time with me?

I have been playing with a powerful idea for us who use Steem & Golos powered apps and websites today. I just could not get this idea out of my head and I really hope someone on either blockchains will dare to give it a real try to just zoo at people and how they use it.

I have imagined a button, a really really powerful upvote button that only appear when or if we have 100% voting-power and what it does when we slide the vote-percentage all the way to the right and upvote your friends article with 28,000%
SuperPowers on her birthday!

Now that will buy whatever you upvote a true place on the trending-lists, as 7 Days worth of upvote power is executed in one vote and buys you a placing on the trending-list as my design show, will completely drain your voting-power from 100% to 0% when you press my big red superpower button, an entire weeks worth of voting power in one click, a good up-nuke.

Screenshot 2017-11-05 18.58.44.png

And if you have money, you can in my design buy your upvote power back again in 3 seconds by clicking that other button that ask if you want to recharge from 1-100% votepower @contentjunkie, @inertia, @whatsup @ned @picokernel, @sneak, @roelandp - maybe it is just me, but guys, it is freaking fantastic to be free to design a setup that maybe will work, maybe it will fail or maybe it will be the coolest thing anyone has ever tried before!

I realized while I was drawing up these 3 sliders with buttons under them how that this type of design would gamify the voting something incredible when someone has done a great job that benefits all of us, a good friend that helped you when you were having a tough time, and you remember

An upvote with 28,000 % is a lot of money worth on almost any account.

Burning a whole week worth of recharge but in 7 more days it will be back to 100% again and you can of course use it the way you want while we are recharging, and then I was thinking - what do I do if I want to have my power back quicker, and I realized that we have a daily or weekly reward funds where there always is money in both currencies and I was thinking that if people have access to this, having access to give someone a really nice once.

Power back up to 100% voting power should be as easy as sending money to the rewards pool and get vote-power in return which my design suggests in the middle REKT and 0% of anything with a grey inactive button next to a big red one that says "Buy 100% Recharge for the insane price of HOLLY SHIT! $893 Dollar for 1 upvote when all the power i in it.

If rekt then recharge yourself back to normal either by doing weird stuff or something?

I think the easiest way to implement something crazy like this is to follow the logic in the design above. The First upvote-slider is at 28,000% now and is being dared by the computer, and on the button itself you can see that this upvote alone is worth $893 that is a nice number for one upvote, of course I am getting great curation rewards as well, but this is differen. I want to see if we can make Support-Upvotes soon, because I sometimes are in situation where I support a group, well I am interested in seeing progress in the things I like and if there can be a great fair way to actually spend 7 days worth of an upvote on someones birthday, what do I do now? - Well if you have money and you don't mind spending it, in my designed I made a little loop into the reward pool from a button that is designed to sell us something. I think shit like this design is entertaining.

Well anyway my beautiful blockchain friends, I have had such a great day today just chilling and relaxing before the week start up again tomorrow. Just wanted to show you my crazy design and wonder what you think about it,

Hipp Hipp Hurrah :D

Have a good one everyone, don't stick people with knife if you can a void it and all that!

Cheers, Peace & Innovation everybody!

I wonder how Steemit will look like the first day they can upvote 1 time with a 28000% upvote, I have a feeling it can become very attractive. and it is also good to change some colors in the environment...

How much is your 28,000% upvote worth in USD??

hmmm, good question. Maybe we could find it out one time, I do like to sleep when it is dark and be good and awake during the day.

Love you guys, keep dreaming big and help those you can help with the talents you have got and you will never be wasting time.

Thank you thank you brother, I have to see it later.

Enjoy the idea drawing, and please feel free to talk in the voice room :) No reason to be nervous. You are among nerds here, we are only a danger to ourself ;)

c'ya soon :D damn you guys are funny :D

Buy more Golos & Steem while they are affordable :D


I like it.

I think it's creatively cool to provide lots of options for how an individual is able to play around with their working Steem Power.

It's like all ways are valid.

I think this is part of what makes steem blockchain powerful: the ability to play around with the distribution of funds/resources.

I think it's important to support creative collaboration as much as possible.

Thanks for sharing.

You got my vote of support :)

This is an interesting idea and one I haven't seen here before. I'm all for new ideas personally. Blasting your VP in one go, particularly for users who aren't on the platforms daily, isn't bad. Don't think the logistics would be that easy to implement. No one would use it on another's post ofc and voting for others would go down further but hey, everyone here decides how to use their votes regardless.

Edit: I see you doubleposted like the rest of us and your post was instantly filled with nonsensical comments by people who didn't read it but are trying to get a v4v.

I think the super upvote will get us more abuse on the Steem blockchain. Selling votingpower on the other hand gives investors their ROI while preventing spam be cause there is no need for them to do this anymore... the bought VotingPower can then be used more for upvoting the right stuff!

@fyrstikken very original idea. Hope something interesting like this gets done. Thanks for explaining this with the chart too. @gold84


nice idea you've got here

That's a really strange idea; in a good way :)

I haven't heard of anything like it. Unfortunately I don't think it's currently viable or possible :P but that may change!

That would be a dream come true upvote

it's an interesting idea... need to think, @fyrstikken

Very interesting theory. Would be nice to be able to do something like this when you have something worth sticking all of your resources into.

Of course the abuse opportunity remains, as one man's garbage post is another man's trendworthy blog.

Instead of an upvote, an up-nuke you say??? Hahaha, you've totally coined a new term here. I love the idea but I'm not sure the devs would ever make it possible.

Don't get me wrong though, @fyrstikken, I would love to up-nuke some of my good friends on Steemit !! If I could support this in en devour in any way, you totally have my vote.

Best Regards,
Bishop Corey DeFrancesco

Anyone else read this in their head, with a fystikken accent? or just me.

Until your new venture be success; for now your 100% vote will do mate haha:)

ThaNks FoR YouR GrEat InFormAtiOn.

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very very nice your post.You are a great boy.I like your post.
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This is Amazing
That would be the best option ever made for Steemit.com
I'd love to see such options become a reality
I wish it will succeed!
28,000 % Upvote is something worthy of trying
Much love!

Thats a cool idea, thanks for introducing it.

This is really a wonderful idea...well you always have amazing ideas mate!
I would love to get that 28000% strike one day from you if this happen to realize!

Thank you sir...for sharing such type blog..

Best of luck..
@ followed and upvoted

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wooh oh... alert. double post. guess hit by the transaction error like many others. :-)

This is a powerful idea indeed however it will drain the reward pool for others. On the other hand, great for once in a week writers

What's Golos

verry good information...