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The first round of the contest is over. The classification has been very close and we have the first winners.

Unfortunately, the first classifieds did not comply with the rule of RESTEEM the original publication, I will make an exception today, and will receive a small prize like @diogosantos, so I proclaim first winner to @gsegovia.
I will distribute 1 SBD among the winners in the following way.
0.5 @gsegovia
0.2 @kevinfm
0.2 @lovetaxi005
0.1 @diogosantos

Please do REESTEM in the main publications of the contest so that the contests are more attractive and more lasting. In the next round I will be totally strict.

The SECOND ROUND IS OPEN make tour picks now!!!

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Oh what? I missed it?!!?!?
sorry, I knew I had to re-steem something when the world cup started... Now I know what it was!

Am I still eligible to win if I do it now?!
Oh! one more doubt, It is supposed to re-steem every round post you make? right?


Making resteem is enough.
Yes, you are choosing to win the main prize.
Good luck!


Well done @davor27! You successfully guessed the match result.

Group Phase - Belgium vs Panama
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