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The Philippines is a country with many islands and festivals. And in all the festivals, it is usually celebrated with a huge feast. A celebration of culinary artistry and at the centre of all the dishes staples on the dining table is the litson.

It is only fitting that the first feature of the #FILIPINOKAWALI is the world famous Filipino litson. Many have tried to copy it but the Philippines holds the distinction of being the best in the world.

Litson is one whole pig roasted in charcoal and of course, without the inside intestines. This crowd favourite once cooked properly, with its perfect moist and crispness of the brown colour pork skin, the right amount of saltiness, the tender oiliness of the meat will make you salivating and your stomach growling.


I would like to thank my steem community and friends for their continuous support. This list will definitely be updated more often. :-)

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Yumyumyum sarap!

Noong birthday ng father in law ko nag pa litson kami... sarap talaga!

Yummy litson! My favorite.

what part of litson is your favorite bro? Mine is the belly part. :-)

Same tau bro..😀

Litson the favorite of all Filipinos. Voted and resteemed. Pls do follow me also. Thanks

following na kita sis... thanks for the upvote and resteem.