Komodo Marketing Update: Building the Groundwork

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Komodo Marketing
Things have been somewhat quiet after our ICO ended. There hasn’t been too much to update as we have been waiting for the elections to begin.

What have we been doing? Other than enjoying these holidays we have had discussions about the broad direction we should take.

Everything SuperNET has been developing ties together somehow and is part of the same platform. What we have is a very sophisticated and broad technology which might end up having much wider implications than we currently anticipate. Komodo is a very vital part of the overall structure.

It feels like the puzzle pieces are a bit all over the place, and throughout the SuperNET history, we have had some difficulties explaining the whole thing. We are now looking to fix this issue once and for all as our platform is almost complete.

It became apparent to us that we need one central place that promotes our platform, and all the various parts we are developing on top of it. We decided to totally rebuild supernet.org website and put all the information there for the world to see.

Today the website is mostly out of date and doesn’t even mention our newest shining gem: Komodo. However, Komodo is not the only cog in our engine. Long before Komodo jl777 had developed the other lizard called Iguana. They are both somewhat of a platform and somewhat of a framework, and it 's hard to put either of them into a neat “box.”

With the overall technology of Komodo and Iguana, we get a very robust platform. We are building the platform so that we could develop applications on top of it. We can think that the ‘platform level’ contains all the deep tech, while the ‘framework level’ is the surface where developers can build using our API. The few reference applications we are developing will showcase our technology and bring some more revenue for further development.

To clarify our situation we had to develop some basic terminology, we would use. Thus we will start talking about ‘SuperNET platform.' Komodo platform can be thought to be part of this overall platform, and Komodo coin (KMD) is the infrastructure coin of the SuperNET platform.

We are also developing a SuperNET framework, which will give developers the means to build apps and dapps on top of our platform. The API calls are already documented on our website. Most notably we are developing Iguana desktop app, which will initially launch both our mutiwallet as well as the easy exchange service (EasyDEX).

In simple terms: we are developing a SuperNET platform, framework, and reference applications. Together all these are called SuperNET technology. SuperNET in itself is simply an organization who’s doing the development of these things.

SuperNET technology

We acknowledge that we have marketed Komodo as a platform, but now that the situation has been reassessed we decided to simplify it. Thus we are going to start talking more about the overall SuperNET platform instead, and Komodo will be highlighted as its infrastructure coin.

When we describe Komodo, we want to showcase its role in this overall platform. It indeed has an important function as it is the blockchain the platform uses. Komodo already got many use-cases and we expect to see many new apps which will be using it too. The biggest roles it now has are dPoW protection, gateway to pegged assets, and of course the privacy features.

The year 2017 will be a big year for Komodo, SuperNET, and Bitcoin. Today we are focusing on getting all the fundamentals right, and with the solid groundwork, we can aim for the stars!


So when will there be a wallet and ico distribution?

Wallets are being tested, there are still some bugs. Iguana multi-wallet will start a public beta soon. The Komodo wallet (part of EasyDEX) is being worked on also, and that too still got some bugs. See Satinder's latest update.

We are delayed because we are waiting for the ICO site to support BTCD swap. We have the mainnet ready, and also the GUI's are pretty much ready. Withing this month we can start the elections, and after that we will distribute the KMD. We will announce the schedule as soon as the ICO site is fully working.

so good project

Komodo for the long run!

Please do not change too much...please do NOT change your path...Please, lets keep it simple, and finish one project and make that project successful.
Sometimes too much is not necessarily a good thing. Let's make Komodo huge and one that people are not afraid will die tomorrow. You know have the resources to concentrate on developing. KOMODO. THIS IS WHAT THE COMUNITY WANT! A GREAT, HUGE PLATFORM/COIN/ETC. YOU ALREADY proved yourself with BTCD.

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