Superior Coin mentioned in this video by "Ken The Crypto" starting around 15 minutes

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Mention Superior Coin as a comment on the video on YouTube.

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It is so cool that he discusses Superior Coin (SUP) favorably. I hope it helps to generate interest in what I think is a fantastic concept and one that works in conjunction with Steemit. Thanks for sharing this post on Kryptonia (energyaddict22 there).

Check the 50 SUP Task (Worth approx $0.10) on Kryptonia.

Thanks Colin, I already have and what a FANTASTIC task, I am now working hard on getting more referrals on there, not only is it a great platform but a super easy way of building up your Steemit balance at the same time. Onwards and Upwards
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SuperiorCoin all the way. From Kryptonia

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great video...@cryptospheryst on kryptonia...@m8rixjonez on steemit

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It is my first time to here about SuperiorCoin. But this video informed me a lot. thanks for this post.
From Kryptonian ID @dhencarp

All done, thanks a lot!

I hope many people will visit the video comment and promote superior coin. If you like the works and dedication of @sydesjokes for helping us all here, i guess its our time now to help him promote the sup coin..kryptonia ID @psychkrhoz

hi sir, i completed you task from kryptonia. and i followed you.. i like you post.

very nice post

I really love this, i see you as a cheerful giver, thanks for the coins also for the sbd [email protected]Screenshot_20180428-165930.png task completed from kryptonia @jacobzeema

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Here I am!!!
Thank you!!

Thank you.

thanks colin for the information

Really interesting video.


Thank you for sharing this. Mentioning superior coins is a great way to be known.
Left a comment on youtube as Rubelyn Macion and upvoted this post as rubelynmacion of krypto and steemit.

Thank you for sharing

Thanks very much

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Have made a comment on the video and thanks for sharing and promoting SUP
Kryptonia @bitcoinpaul

Thanks for your encouragement

Thanks for sharing this very informative video kryptinia id and steemit username @duquejunalyn

lovely video from [email protected]

Im all signed up on kryptocoin with you as my referral. Thanx! Gonna complete this taks see what its all about. Cheers mate!


Don´t tell them your name Pike !


@Omobolaji my kryptonia
@omobolaji my steemit

Thank you. I'm from Kryptonia

Nice one, keep it up


Saludos. Presente

good job friends friends success continue to thank for a very good post

the SuperiorCoin is the best <3

Krytonia ID Darkox

Thanks for all this

Thanks for sharing @iulianpatache

Left a comment

Hey @sydesjokes
I am from Kryptonia and my id on Kryptonia is @gpalav as well.

thank for the video. Kryptonia

task completed

great job.
excelente trabajo

Superior coin to the moon!

From jason21 of kryptonia

Mission completed, commented to the video

Lovely video

wow! very well explained thanks for sharing kryptonia ID @juoleuse Upvote, Comment, Follow done.

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@sydesjokes, I really liked your video and your information is very useful to me. Cheap coins: Equal, Senderon, Bitsum, Skeincoin, Garlicoin deserve my attention and maybe even some investment. Thank you for useful information. from kryptonia @vipnata

exelente publicacion amigo

Es increíble ver tantas plataformas que han salido sobre cryptomonedas lo cual es fantástico para nosotros los usuarios. Seguimos creciendo, Superior Coin con Kryptonia nos dará buenos dividendos. Gracias por compartir y felicidades por su crecimiento.

great videos always....... love from pakistan
steemit @soorajraja
sup @soorajraja

  ·  last year (edited)

@sydesjokes, it makes me remember one time, this account sent me .04 sbd and I was so amaze and makes me wonder who @sydejokes is! And now I have learned a new ideas from you again about Superior coin,
Once again thank you @sydesjokes and im happy to see you in Kryptonia

@josephlacsamana STEEMIT ID
Upvoted, Resteemed, Like and Subcribed to Ken The Crypto and leave my comment here, in youtube channel of Ken The Crypto and in your post in steemit.

Krypt ID @joseph lacsamana

Left Ken a comment on You Tube, thanking him for his overview on smaller cryptocurrencies.

great video....It is my first time to here about SuperiorCoin. But this video informed me a lot. thanks for this post. . @asrizal on kryptonia...@asrizal on steemit

I've just found Kryptonia and SuperiorCoin and as a huge Steemit fan, I had to complete your task first! :) This thing looks a really cool, easy sidehustle to grow your Steemit account. Cheers!

@forexbrokr here and forexbrokr there.

Looking forward for kryptonia in the future :)
Thank you for sharing sir! God bless.

From kryptonia lykaypajaro

  ·  last year (edited)

@sydesjokes - Good info, thanks. Good video by Ken the Krypto. I just joined Kryptonia today, which used SuperiorCoin.
my Steemit and Kryptonia are both @mmo-mmo.

Thank you for this sir @colin/ @sydesjokes

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Interesting video, good luck with SUP. It's great opportunity in my opinion.

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Seems like a fun coin to get into.

Really informative video and nice information about cryptocoin.

:D done! :D


Task completed. Superior coin to the moon and back!
my username on steemit: @kevwealth


Screenshot for @achim03 for kryptonia task

Superiorcoin all the way.thanxs for sharing.kryptonia ID @lynlene
@lynlene on steemit

Congratulations 👏 on getting the word out.