Store and share your SuperiorCoin address and other crypto addresses

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Check the Android app at

1. Main Screen 1

2. Superior Coin Address 1

3. Bitcoin Address 1

4. LiteCoin Address 1

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Una muy buena herramienta gracias por compartirla.

What's if don't have an idea about it???

Una muy buena herramienta gracias por compartirla.

Thank you.

Useful information. Thanks

This I think I will try it

Very interesting, thank you

Awesome !! Download now !

Thanks for the info, good post friend.

Super application.Thanks for sharing.

nice. this post receives a resteem

I like your work

good post

is this kind of bitcoin wallet ?? I do not understand about this post

It's the codes to give people from your wallet so they can send you crypto. Those qr thingys lead to your wallet - not just btc - any coin.

thanks good infrmation

you're making steemit a great community with your content #sydesjokes! keep it up!

Another multi wallet? Is there access to her own key?

So, can it be used to store addresses that aren't yours? you know... Address book.

Can be any addresses you need to store. You can scan the QR-Code when you create a new entry.

I am so behind the times with this. So glad for all your help @sydesjokes.

Thanks for clarifying ;-)

Una muy buena herramienta gracias por compartirla.

Very interesting, thank you

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