Setting up the SuperiorCoin Mining App and starting CPU Mining

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Installing the Superior Coin Mining App

1. Go to the folder where you installed the app and execute the file "VFCNMiner.exe"

Installing the Superior Coin Mining App

2. Enter your wallet address and click "Change". (The wallet address is your GUI wallet address or click here to generate a mineable address and it will be stored in the file "wallet.address.txt".)

Installing the Superior Coin Mining App

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you don't enter your wallet address the app will run but you will not be able to receive any coins you mine.

3. Select "Version 7" and click "Start CPU Mining"

Installing the Superior Coin Mining App

4. You will see the app connect to the pool and should see the hash rate

Installing the Superior Coin Mining App

5. To check your mining pool stats go to and look up your SuperiorCoin wallet address. Note: You receive automatic payouts to your wallet address when you mine 20 coins or more.

Installing the Superior Coin Mining App

6. If you experience problem mining with CPU Port 3333 then try CPU Port 555


SUP is added to your balance after 60 Blocks (Aprox 2 Hours) and sent to you once you have 20SUP or more, could take up to 24 hours!

If you need any technical assistance ask questions on the Official Superior Coin Mining Facebook group. You can also get help from the SuperiorCoin Telegram Channel

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Shall try that!

For those that really wnat to come in early on the superiorcoin should take advantage of this.

thank you for this detailed guidelines.

Easy step by step guide.thanks

Thank you again. For the easy tutorial. Time to get busy.

Thank you for posting this. I was curious how to mine this coin outside of minergate. I am going to try to set this up this weekend.

nice info thank you

Nice information

Thanks for this

This great information

This is a very interesting update

Hi Colin!!:))) You are BRILLIANT! Thank you for everything you are doing for me and for the cryptocurrency miners and investors! :))) I bought more bitcoin and ethereum about 10 days ago when it was so low:))) YAY!! :))))

Nice to mine some SUP if one have excess computation power.

That's awesome! Hold that thought... you know I will be back around to this;)))) Have a beautiful day everyone:)))

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