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Not that guy again!!! lol Great video though! I think the Kryptonia name is starting to get out there from all the work you guys are doing. It definitely looks like all your hard work is paying off! :)

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Great review I think SUP has huge potential going forward! The team work hard and care about their customers and from that you know their doing everything to make this coin a success!

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done all task! I hope SUP coin will grow up more.

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This community is very interesting, the birth of a new crypto coin is amazing. I hope everything goes well and we can make the platform and superior coin grow up. Thanks for the support :) my kryptonia id is Psicoparedes. My youtube ID: psicoparedes

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This is all getting very cool. I'm super excited about SUP/Kryptonia. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on developments.

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This is a good review about superior coin. It added much exposure to sup and kryptonia. Thanks ken the crypto for featuring superior coin.

Thanks for promoting Superiorcoin and am so glad the community is growing

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