Getting help with Kryptonia and SuperiorCoin

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SuperiorCoin Support

Need help or support with Kryptonia/SuperiorCoin?

If you need help/support but don't know where to go then go to and use the "Support" button at the bottom right of the page (see image below).

A ticket is created and assigned to the SuperiorCoin support team and they will help you with your issue or question.

You can also ask questions on the SuperiorCoin Discord and Telegram channels but if you don't get answer there then you will be asked to create a support ticket.

You get a lot of information using the Telegram SuperiorCoinBot just use / to check the Bot commands.

SuperiorCoin Support

SydesJokes Blog

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Hi @sydesjokes I am still new on Kryptonia and I am just learning by myself heheh but reading your post is very informative .thank you so much for sharing.

Thanks for sharing

gran trabjo el que haces @sydesjokes y gran apoyo a la comunidad

I was just on Kryptonia trying to figure a few things out, cheers!

Nice news, keep it up

These is another good one, I like it

This is cool, I hope it continues.

kryptonia best thing seen on steemit through yu (Y)

Thanks for the info.


Thank you for supplying the help link. It makes it so much easier.

Thank you for alwasy carriying everyone along.

keep growing. thanks

great. very informative. i will share it . reesteem.

Thanks for the updates

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  1. Run a task on Kryptonia.
    *For those who want to join the growing community, get your free account here: Kryptonia Account
  2. Use the tags KRYPTONIA & SUPERIORCOIN in your Steemit post.
  3. Steemit reputation score above 25.

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