Daily price of Bitcoin, SBD, STEEM and SuperiorCoin for 6th June 2018

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Today's Coin Prices

CurrencyExchangeCoin PriceDaily Change +/-
BTC USDCoinMarketCap$7627.76-$6.14
EOS USDCoinMarketCap$14.02-$0.09
ETH USDCoinMarketCap$608.22-$0.66
LTC USDCoinMarketCap$121.82+$0.17
MANNA USDCoinMarketCap$0.0053+$0.0001
SBD USDCoinMarketCap$1.74-$0.02
STEEM USDCoinMarketCap$2.34-$0.03
SUP BTC/USDBTC Alpha$0.0007$0.0000
SUP BTC/USDSouthXchange$0.0008$0.0000
SUP BTC/USDStocks.exchange$0.0011-$0.0002
XMR USDCoinMarketCap$166.00-$1.38
XRP USDCoinMarketCap$0.68$0.00
XVG USDCoinMarketCap$0.0392-$0.0007

Yesterdays Coin Prices

CurrencyExchangeCoin Price
BTC USDCoinMarketCap$7633.90
EOS USDCoinMarketCap$14.11
ETH USDCoinMarketCap$608.88
LTC USDCoinMarketCap$121.65
MANNA USDCoinMarketCap$0.0052
SBD USDCoinMarketCap$1.76
STEEM USDCoinMarketCap$2.37
SUP BTC/USDBTC Alpha$0.0007
SUP BTC/USDSouthXchange$0.0008
SUP BTC/USDStocks.exchange$0.0013
XMR USDCoinMarketCap$167.38
XRP USDCoinMarketCap$0.68
XVG USDCoinMarketCap$0.0399


MANNA is distributed by a nonprofit organization as a Universal Basic Income. Automated distributions send MANNA to all participants on a regular, ongoing basis. It is listed on CoinMarketCap with a current price of approximately $0.01.


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Hello sir, good to see you again.Thanks for your update, it's a very helpful post.Keep updating us sir.

The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same

sbd .enjoy the ride

Thanks for the updates Mr Colin :)

That's nice....Today's update came a little earlier.

Prices dropped again

Yes it may go higher tomorrow that is SBD for you @hillaryoki.

Thank you for updating us sir.

SBD value decreased again, that's bad.

Thank you for update

I will support superior coin

SUP is doing well

Am really watching BTC, thanks for your chat

hi good update

Thanks for your updates !!

Thanks once again

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