Daily price of Bitcoin, SBD, STEEM and SuperiorCoin for 4th July 2018

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Today's Coin Prices

CurrencyExchangeCoin PriceDaily Change +/-
BTC USDCoinMarketCap$6550.63-$49.75
EOS USDCoinMarketCap$8.83-$0.12
ETH USDCoinMarketCap$466.36-$2.34
LTC USDCoinMarketCap$85.05-$1.68
MANNA USDCoinMarketCap$0.0032-$0.0002
SBD USDCoinMarketCap$1.26-$0.06
STEEM USDCoinMarketCap$1.79+$0.16
SUP BTC/USDBTC Alpha$0.0007$0.0000
SUP BTC/USDSouthXchange$0.0006+$0.0001
SUP BTC/USDStocks.exchange$0.0007$0.0000
XMR USDCoinMarketCap$139.29+$0.05
XRP USDCoinMarketCap$0.49-$0.01
XVG USDCoinMarketCap$0.0257-$0.0005

Yesterdays Coin Prices

CurrencyExchangeCoin Price
BTC USDCoinMarketCap$6600.38
EOS USDCoinMarketCap$8.95
ETH USDCoinMarketCap$468.70
LTC USDCoinMarketCap$86.73
MANNA USDCoinMarketCap$0.0034
SBD USDCoinMarketCap$1.32
STEEM USDCoinMarketCap$1.63
SUP BTC/USDBTC Alpha$0.0007
SUP BTC/USDSouthXchange$0.0005
SUP BTC/USDStocks.exchange$0.0007
XMR USDCoinMarketCap$139.24
XRP USDCoinMarketCap$0.50
XVG USDCoinMarketCap$0.0262


MANNA is distributed by a nonprofit organization as a Universal Basic Income. Automated distributions send MANNA to all participants on a regular, ongoing basis. It is listed on CoinMarketCap with a current price of approximately $0.01.


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Prices are moving up slowly

Well done sir, thanks for your update.Very needy one, it will help me a lot.But I am getting boared day by day for the low price of steem and sbd. Anyway, keep updating sir.

Thanks for the updates my Friend! Positive Energy! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

very good report

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So many people are been paid, so its a small amount that comes out

So many people
Are been paid, so its a small
Amount that comes out

                 - jamescrusader

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Happy 4th 🇺🇸

Nice to see Steem and SBD on the up

Just wanted to wish all my fellow Americans a family and fun filled independence day, HAPPY JULY 4TH !!!!!

Decrease in tolerable limits ;-). Thanks for your review.

prices went down a little today.

The only thing i care now is steem'

good report


good daily update all coin

Thanks for the review and update. Have a great day.

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