Daily price of Bitcoin, SBD, STEEM and SuperiorCoin for 21st March 2018

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Price Today

BTC USD (CoinMarketCap) = $9,076.17
SUP BTC (BTC Alpha) = 0.00000033
SUP USD (BTC Alpha) = $0.0030
SUP BTC (SouthXchange) = 0.00000025
SUP USD (SouthXchange) = $0.0023
SUP BTC (Stocks.exchange) = 0.00000027
SUP USD (Stocks.exchange) = $0.0025
SBD USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.30
STEEM USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.21

Price Yesterday

BTC USD (CoinMarketCap) = $8,539.73
SUP BTC (BTC Alpha) = 0.00000033
SUP USD (BTC Alpha) = $0.0028
SUP BTC (SouthXchange) = 0.00000030
SUP USD (SouthXchange) = $0.0026
SUP BTC (Stocks.exchange) = 0.00000038
SUP USD (Stocks.exchange) = $0.0032
SBD USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.28
STEEM USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.14

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good analysis,i upvoted this post

Thank you!


Thanks always

Thanks for the updates ...starting to look better again !!


thanks for sharing those excellent updates of the day

Very important, keep climbing.


Gracias por el dato amigo, me alegra que el SBD suba poco a poco

thank you for this information! much appreciate it! :^D

thanks for the update on cryptocurrency

thanks for this update

Good analysis thanks

Thanks for the updates :)

poco a poco lentamente, que suba con calma.

It just makes me happy seeing the upward trend in prices.

Thank you for the daily updates. more power to you @sydesjokes

SBD up please

Thanks for these updates on cryptocurrency

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wow $9000 btc, there is hope