Daily price of Bitcoin, SBD, STEEM and SuperiorCoin for 16th July 2018

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Today's Coin Prices

CurrencyExchangeCoin PriceDaily Change +/-
BTC USDCoinMarketCap$6609.10+$273.31
EOS USDCoinMarketCap$7.84+$0.75
ETH USDCoinMarketCap$473.75+$32.42
LTC USDCoinMarketCap$82.73+$4.87
MANNA USDCoinMarketCap$0.0023-$0.0002
SBD USDCoinMarketCap$1.15+$0.05
STEEM USDCoinMarketCap$1.41+$0.08
SUP BTC/USDBTC Alpha$0.0004$0.0000
SUP BTC/USDSouthXchange$0.0005+$0.0001
SUP BTC/USDStocks.exchange$0.0004$0.0000
XMR USDCoinMarketCap$128.86+$5.83
XRP USDCoinMarketCap$0.47+$0.03
XVG USDCoinMarketCap$0.0242+$0.0020

Yesterdays Coin Prices

CurrencyExchangeCoin Price
BTC USDCoinMarketCap$6335.79
EOS USDCoinMarketCap$7.09
ETH USDCoinMarketCap$441.33
LTC USDCoinMarketCap$77.86
MANNA USDCoinMarketCap$0.0025
SBD USDCoinMarketCap$1.10
STEEM USDCoinMarketCap$1.33
SUP BTC/USDBTC Alpha$0.0004
SUP BTC/USDSouthXchange$0.0004
SUP BTC/USDStocks.exchange$0.0004
XMR USDCoinMarketCap$123.03
XRP USDCoinMarketCap$0.44
XVG USDCoinMarketCap$0.0222


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Up, up and away! (I hope!)

It is rising! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Wishing everyone the VERY best of health and happiness! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Every plus is welcome ;-). Thanks for your review

The wait is over, sbd and steem is rising.

Thanks for the report... Very good!

This is what we wanted to steem up!

Happy start of the week Colin, thanks for the information

Any rise is a welcome increase no matter how small

Now we're talking. 🙏