Daily price of Bitcoin, SBD, STEEM and SuperiorCoin for 16th April 2018

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Today's Coin Prices

BTC USD (CoinMarketCap) = $8087.65 (-$11.42)
SUP BTC (BTC Alpha) = 0.00000023 (+0.00000003)
SUP BTC/USD (BTC Alpha) = $0.0019 (+$0.0002)
SUP BTC (SouthXchange) = 0.00000025 (+0.00000006)
SUP BTC/USD (SouthXchange) = $0.0020 (+$0.0005)
SUP BTC (Stocks.exchange) = 0.00000028 (+0.00000007)
SUP BTC/USD (Stocks.exchange) = $0.0023 (+$0.0006)
SBD USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.41 (-$0.03)
STEEM USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.59 (-$0.08)

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Great, I think adding Litecoin will be good.

You could add EOS and RIPPLE

Thanks for cryptocurrency update

thanks for the updates. Cheers and have a great day ahead!

Steemit provides personal finance solutions
in steemit people do not run out of pulse in vain, there is a bigger substitute, what if we vote / upvote or comen, steemit far different with other social media, fore I believe stemit will be able to beat any social media, our steemit friends must is proud to be part of this new social Media collaboration, but its value has reached Trlyun. in the spirit of Steemit.

Great update

Good to see stuff turning around

Thanks for the info

Thank you for update

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your review ;-)

Steem value is swinging and its rope is based on BTC.
Thanks for your daily efforts.

beautiful update

Nice one, thanks for the update

Thanks for the info.

Muchas gracias por esta valiosa informacion!

thanks for the info

Still holding steady. Steem and SBD

Thank you very much you have transfer for me 0.013 SBD thank you

Looking better :)

Holding ok at the moment !!

Happy start of the week, thanks for the information

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JST 0.042
BTC 29490.65
ETH 1824.35
USDT 1.00
SBD 2.53